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By Anonymous
Oy this guys a *****
By Anonymous
***** this guy
By Dnbix
You need to hug him, try to stay behind. When you are not in control of the situation, throw some fire crackers !
By Anonymous
Physical embodiment of "what the hell is even going on?"
By Anonymous
try to stay behind him and use your firecrackers when you appear to be in front of him, few attacks to the behind dodge its attack and keep attacking, run after it if it starts to run away, dont let the gap get too big
By Anonymous
Aim for the head with your attacks, so much of a difference compared to body strikes.
By Anonymous
Hold the dodge button to sprint. Then use it to keep pace with the bull. Always keep away from head and hit from the flanks.
By Anonymous
Honestly, Wolf, what are you even doing locking on to the Burning Bull's head? You know that's the burning part, right? Don't you think this whole thing would be way simpler and way more realistic if you just... targeted his *** when you lock on?
By Anonymous
Try to be super aggressive and keep the boss charging from wall to wall near the fog gate so it doesn't run rampantly. You could even try keep him cornered. Use firecrackers when needed. Took like 5 tries and I'm not good at the game..
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