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By Anonymous
> "Once the droplets bought from a merchant are used, they will once again be available for sale by that merchant."

Not true. I used all the droplets from Fujioka and when I returned, there weren't any for sale.
By Anonymous
You are correct, they do not restock at the memorial mobs after being used.
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By mrwarcriminal
Lol who didn’t do it is a better question. If you don’t try then how can we figure out how things work? There’s plenty available even in one play through so no big loss. Having a low percentage doesn’t really change things much. Instead of a one in three it’s a bit better than one in ten chance of getting Unseen Aid. 🤷‍♂️ Part of the fun for me.
By Anonymous
The power of the dragon's blood?
By Anonymous
Yes, that's it, your strength..
By Anonymous
Surprises me to see that it's not commen knowledge yet that you can get infinite droplets thanks to the merchants. Everytime you use a droplet, the memorial mobs and the infor broker will on them. You dont need to cure them specifically or you dont need to do anything special, just go and rebuy them if you're getting low on them. There'e an infinite amount of them, not just 17
By Anonymous
You and the others who brought this up are the real MVP. This mechanic had me tentative to replay this game after getting dragonrot spread throughout the known universe from so many deaths.

I still hear it in my dreams.. "Mada mada ko inu yo"
By Anonymous
They’re not unlimited though. Just went to toxic memorial mob, no droplet to be found. I have zero in my inventory therefore they do not get restocked.
By Anonymous
Also sold out at shugendo memorial mob. What does this clearly prove? Once again, that they DO NOT restock after being used.