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Don’t just press “use” in your inventory menu... you will use your dragon blood droplet to yourself and it won’t cure your dragon rot or take away the essences...... I had to learn the hard way. F U FromSoftware ! It didn’t even do anything to me it literally just wasted it !!
Your not alone... I did the exact same thing... it didnt explain it very well and now I cant find another one anywhere
Yup, did it, too
You idiots all cant read. "Using it will slightly increase Resurrective Power." meaning by simply usuing it you just increase your ressurection power. "[...] offering this drop to the Sculptor's Idol with the Recovery Charm in hand." meaning you need to offer it at the budda. Emma even told you, that you need to use it at the budda idol. Dont blame FromSoftware about your illiteracy.
Yeah i *****ed up too, I was so done after that lol. But now I'm farming like an idiot to try and buy the other ones from the vendor
Sh*t .. Too late bro xD
I also used it, but it's honestly not too bad. You get enough, just don't overuse the resurrection mechanic.
It's the firekeeper soul all over again lol. For the record, what does it actually do when you consume it? Does it just recharge your res? The description makes it sound like it makes your res better somehow.
You are just a bunch of morons. That you find solace in there being more than one simpleton is hilarious.
But is it a permanent increase to resurrection power? And what does the power mean exactly?
"Using it will slightly increase Resurrective Power." makes it sound like you can consume it and res with more health... not sure it even does anything when consumed, which sucks. I ate it out of curiosity and got nothing for it. Thanks From Software.
Y'all dumb!


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Holy Jesus, I honestly have no words for some of you people. How do you even exist in life?
It's not FromSoftware's fault that you can't read.
For those of you being *******s to everyone else: **** off. Take your condescending attitudes and shove them up your ***. The item description is poorly explained and you know it. To everyone else, it slightly refills your petal-shaped resurrection sphere in the lower-left corner. It's a waste if you use it while already full.
so there's only a limited amount amount of times you can heal npcs before they die?
They dont die. Read the dragonrot page to understand.
I ate it the first god damn thing I did... Pain
me too...i ate anything the first time i have
So what does "Slightly increases the Resurrective Power" mean really?
It means you can instantly recharge your resurrection orb thingy.
"Slightly increases the Resurrective Power" seems like a translation error. Just for science, I backep up my save and used all the droplets that I had (10). Then I let myself get killed by an enemy, but I didn't resurrect with any more health than usual. It lets you resurrect again immediately after using it, even if you've been killed seconds ago, but that seems to be the only effect. The in-game description text should say "Restores the Resurrective Power" instead, or "Re-enables". The Sakura Droplet (dropped by Lady Butterfly) has the same wording in its description, and it does give you an additional resurrection. That's very misleading.



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I'd like to add this info to the Usage section. Can you clarify whether this item clears the black "timeout" mark from the res icons allowing you to use already-filled icons immediately, or whether it fills an unfilled res icon, or both? I'm assuming it can't be used after dying. Thanks for the good info.
@Adalace: it does both. And yes, you have to be alive to use it.
It's not true the sculptor is always affected first. The old lady in my kongo and the seller outside the sculptors house are sick in my turn but sculptor is fine. No coughing in dialogue.
What does the limit in the inventory mean? Number held and storage are clear but i know there are like 5 more droplets i can buy. Does this mean i can only hold 3 at a time ? Then why do they add a line with limit?
If you're looking at a shop menu, I believe "limit" is how much that shopkeeper has in stock.
Ah thank you :)
If you complete game without rot essence and cant take blood samples, dont worry. Emma will give you charm after game ending in kuro room.
if i accidentally not proceed to get dragon's blood droplet until emma go to kuro's room, should i play this game along without be able to cure dragonot? T.T
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