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By Anonymous
I accidentally killed the guy guarding it because he fell off the cliff next to me, he was tough as ***** until then
By Anonymous
Fought him for like 15 times, needed 1 more hit to kill him, and we both jumped off that god damn cliff. Gave me a scrap iron and something else(likely a random candy) and respawned after rest. It's pretty hard to bait him down the cliff(or to just kill him early on), but you can just run past him, open the door, grab the tool then run.
By Anonymous
when you aggro him drag him next to the cliff, then jump off into the water. aggro will break and after a lil bit of him walking back, you can just backstab him.
By Anonymous
I jumped off into the water after being ambushed by him and he must’ve followed because he’d died somehow.
By Anonymous
he jumped off the cliff after me and died :D (I seen something come at me so I jumped back off into the water. not sure if it's 100% cheese or not, but it's definitely possible)
By Anonymous
I met him fairly early game, he was pretty tough... I had to use Oil and roast him with the Flame Vent to get rid of him, he was basically filling my posture bar in 3 hits.
By Anonymous
So, found an interesting method to finish off the bothersome ninja. Might work for you, or it might not. Right of the small temple where the Mist Raven is located there is a small ledge. With bit of cat and mouse with the guarding ninja, you may be able to confuse the AI to get stuck to higher ground while you remain below the ledge. Ninja, for whatever reason, refuses to jump down, and instead will try to combo you just bit out of his reach. With bit of luck, you may be able to chip away his HP this way.
By Anonymous
The trick is to use loaded axe and just spam him when he does the kick attack
By Anonymous
go around him and open the door before he catches you.. didnt even fought him
By Rakakaa
You thinking what I’m thinking? Aim for the bushes? “There goes my hero. Watch him as he goes.” This jumping off the cliff method certainly works. You aim for the water, he aims for the bushes, and dies.
By Anonymous
I snuck up on the ninja guard and assassinated him. Idk why it was so easy for me but that's how I managed to kill him after barely escaping the initial fight with my life.
By Anonymous