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i dont like this guy
awesome thanks for the guide, realy helped me out, I came in here a weird way and I hadn't done any of the dungeon yet so this was my first terror enemy and I didn't think to use the confettis I had. cheers !
this fight was so bad i looked it up out of boredom. confetti made it trivial. not the worst in the "series" though.
don't make fun of the cool purple magic man. he even has a "scary" kamehameha
a second one appears in guardian ape's burrow it goes without saying you need to beat the two bosses in here first he appeared for me right after i beat first(i beat apes first) he drops the whistling ring which is used in upgraded whistling finger tool hes slightly harder to fight here as he spams beam endlessly but he only has two spots he teleports too
huh i had no idea you were supposed to fight headless, o'rin and this guy with confetti. just assumed they were tough and took my time to beat them lol ***** me
He spawn in guardian ape's burrow and now I can't fast travel there if I don't kill him... I *****ing hate farming confetti just to kill ghost enemies...I know you can buy it for unlimited amount later but I'm still not far into that point. Other one is optional but this particular one is literally force you to kill it so that you can use the idol again. What the *****.
instead of farming confetti, farm to upgrade the umbrella until its the phoenix one (the purple one that blocks apparitions) and unlock the prosthetic skill projected force, it makes all the headless fights (not counting the underwater ones) and the shichimen warrior fights a million times easier (it outright trivializes the warriors)
I killed 2 of them in a row without any confetti (Guardian Ape's Burrow first and then the Bottomless Hole next which is much easier). Once you figure out the patterns it's a piece of cake. Funny enough I did exactly the opposite of what the guide says here. I was full on aggressive and almost never left him. (16 Vitality 8 Attack Power at the time of beating them)
you can do the first two pretty easily w/o confetti, but the one in the fountainhead palace has way too much health man, needed confetti for that one
SO; I've figured out the trick to apparition type enemies. If you upgrade the umbrella to Pheonix's Lilac Umbrella not only can you block terrorifying attacks without taking the effect build up. You can follow it up with the shinobi tree ability projected force to deal large amounts of stamina damage. -TheHiltHoodie AKA LoreByHodor AKA NaughtySunbro


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That was exactally what I did also. A battle that semmed impossible turned out to be really easy. Hehe
How do we get the "hub vendor" to appear?
You have to find him in the Ashina Castle area, Up the stairs and onto the buildings on the right. Then, head down, he is in a hiding hole behind a wall.