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Five treasure carp scales can be found at the beginning of the Hirata Estate. Four are looted from large carp swimming to the right side of the long bridge, around the vendor in the pot. One is a lootable item on the riverbank to the left side of that same long bridge.


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Are you sure? For me, I believe there were 2 or 3 carp in this area the first time i visited. One on the left side and one on the right. I definitely did not even get 4 scales from killing them all.


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one or two on the right*
This guide is unclear, there aren’t 9 in the starting area, there are 5. 4 from carp, one item to the left of the bridge to be picked up
found other 2 near the temple grounds
There's actually 2 in the water at the bamboo thicket shrine. The first is on the surface of the water the 2nd is under water. You must come back after killing the spectral corrupted monk past mibu village and you'll learn how to dive and breathe underwater giving you a total of 7 in the estate.
You can get more from the great colored carp by feeding it normal precious bait and then talking to the feeder next to the feeding spot.
first time you feed carp with normal bait he gives x3 scales after that x1 scale for x1 bait
There's 3, maybe more, in the left-farthest most corner in Fountainhead Palace - Mibu Manor. You have to jump inside a puddle through the broken floor to access it.


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Roughly 14 scales obtained in the waters at Fountainhead Palace, the final zone of the game. Had 16 when I went to interact with the vendor and I know I obtained 2 from feeding the giant one, but i'm only about 80% confident at this stage that I had 0 before reaching Fountainhead. I bought out the first vendor in the Hirata Estate before I even reached Fountainhead though.
I believe the 5x scales from the village priest is written twice, once in the Ashina Depths section and another in Sunken Valley, these two are referring to the same thing, right?
Anyone have an idea as to what the last 2 scales are used for ive collected all the scales and gave them all to the pot noble in hopes to let him finaly live his dream of being a bigger fishy but im left with 2 after buying everything
There is a second Pot Noble towards the end of the game