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By Anonymous
his bow spam move pisses me off so much
By Anonymous
"just git gud"

Brother, go get the ichimonji double and combo it with firecrackers this is a cakewalk
By Anonymous
This fight is an exam with deflecting as its topic

Parry isnt enough, you have to deflect attacks with the right timing.

Also focus to bring his posture bar up instead of bring his health down.

That's what helped me beat him after 25 tries.

Also: Nightjar Slash Reversal to close up the distance, hit him and get away fast

In Phase two (Tomoe) focus him fast and as soon as he's in the air and lunges at you, do the Mikiri Counter
You can also keep distance and provoke lunging to counter it and cause posture damage
By Anonymous
I like this fight, but there is one thing about it, that makes me angry everytime. How TF can he swap sword for the bow and shot so fast? It is not hard to block or dodge, I just don't like how ridiculous move it is.
By Anonymous
love it when a game introduces a mechanic and then makes you use it into the third phase of the first boss to have more than 2 phases, thank you fromsoftware I love beating a really hard boss only to get killed trying to understand how to use the one mechanic you decided to not create a tutorial for, unlike literally everything else in this game, so that I can die and do the whole fight again just to have another shot at practicing the mechanic
By Anonymous
its just jump, block, and attack. not rocket science lol. or dodge it altogether. its well telegraphed.
By Anonymous
you find the mechanic like a minute beforehand lol, if you didnt come into the boss expecting lightning to be involved youre just dumb
By Anonymous
A useful trick you can do in his lightning phase is to use your heal as a bait. If you're at medium - long distance and heal, he always use his leaping thrust to punish, which gives you a free Mikiri counter. If you already have some good posture damage on him you can basically force the win with this.
By Anonymous
This mfer whooped my *** harder than gael soul of cinder and friede combined.
By Anonymous
Genichiro, especially in his second phase, is a prime example fairly early on in the game that you need to keep the pressure on foes so that THEY don’t get as much of a chance to put the pressure on YOU
By Anonymous
Really cool how phase 1 teaches you to fight phase 2, so even though you have only a fraction of the direct practice, you can still win after a few (dozen?) attempts without needed to learn much, except maybe how to score a lightning reversal once.
By Anonymous
Seriously simple strategy:
Aggression is key! Keep pushing forward with attacks. Back him into a corner and punish him with Ichmonji double to the face. Deflect and dodge as needed and mix in some firecrackers to disrupt him for a sec, rinse and repeat. He transitioned almost pathetically fast to Phase 2 on my attempt after finally getting mad and switching to this strategy. Phase 2 watch the lighting, catch and release. Genichiro can be a wall to new players. GO THROUGH HIM.
By Anonymous
This is how did Lady Butterfly on the first try, I hope this works on him too, staying close as possible and spamming attack and deflect works pretty damn well for almost every boss
By Anonymous
Punishing him with Ichimonji double like a fly-swater to the face is just so satisfying
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