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By Anonymous
haRd boSs gOoD eASy BOss BaD

miDiR besT bOss MoST hP
By Anonymous
For those of you that are struggling, ignore the asinine "you're just bad lmao" people. Here's some actual advice from someone who was in your position very very recently.

1. Guarding recovers posture faster, keep your guard up when the enemy is at a distance
2. Keep the pressure up, there are very few times in this fight when you want to run anywhere but toward him, never let his posture meter go down more than a centimeter.
3. Use your block to find patterns in the combos, once you're semi-comfortable with the rythm, start deflecting.
4. Deflecting is almost always better than guarding, do not hesitate, or wait until you suddenly get better at it. Practice it, even if it gets you killed, you'll need this skill.
5. If you don't already have it, get mikiri counter, this halves his effective perilous moves and gives you good posture damage
6. When you see a perilous, look for either his body movements, or a flash of white light from his blade, the position of these will always tell you what is about to happen.
7. Optimize opportinities to deflect, not attack. If you see him go for an easy move? Let him do it rather than clashing blades. See him stop swinging against you? Chances are he's about to try and jump, so get some slashes in and you know what's coming.
8. If all else fails, or you get frustrated with the second phase and wish you could just practice that instead, remember that people around the world have done this and posted it to youtube. Observe, Internalize, Preform. This will spoil you to some fights though, so it should be a last resort.

If anyone has something to add to this, feel free to. I only just beat him myself so I could be unaware of something important about the game. I've just learned to recognize patterns from my time in souls. I guess that's a hidden 9th tip, if you're from a souls game, stop trying to play sekiro like it's turn based. Fight like you're fat rolling in full havel's with a bandit knife and a buckler, fear nothing.
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>Fight like you're fat rolling in full havel's with a bandit knife and a buckler, fear nothing.

I'm putting this on my tombstone
By Anonymous
Why is this not pinned? Best comment I've seen on the sekiro fextra so far.
By Anonymous
should i quit the game or use a trainer to skip this boss? I've been stuck on this for 3 days 3 hours each (so 9 hours total ) i feel empty inside
By Anonymous
skip him, same happend to me. It was no fun anymore, ZERO joy... but the game get's incredible after him, promise! You don^t wanna miss out on the game because of this mother
By Anonymous
Not sure how you will survive rest of the game if you consider skipping him provided Genichiro design wise is easier than few late game bosses. You do you.
By Anonymous
Play a better game, Sekiro is just Guitar Hero.
By Anonymous
I don't recommend skipping him, he basically is what forces you to develop reflexes and teaches you how to counter most attacks
By Anonymous
worst boss design for the narrative - way too frustrating. Think of all the people who did not experience the phenomenal later part of this game, just because of this motherf
By Anonymous
i fully agree , i came to this wiki today looking for this , thank you you made me feel better
By Anonymous
one of the easiest bosses in the game...
By Anonymous
First time on this boss I got the first 2 deathblows and thought I won the fight. It took all my gourd charges to do so. Seemed too easy. Then I got pulverized by lightening after my brief moment of hubris wore off.
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lmao same
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By Mayo TM
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Best tip I can give is to correctly punish the non-perilous jump attack. Dodging it isn't hard, but I wouldn't recommend it. Instead parry it and spam dodge towards him. During phase 1, he will always (or at least hasn't ever in my many, many runs of this guy) go for a thrust attack that you will mikiri. In phase 2, you can keep doing this but he will sometimes do a sweep instead, which you can react to after dodging 1 time and jump over. His other attacks are relatively basic, just watch out for the jumping multi-bow attack, which he will usually dodge backwards for. You can reflect it, but I just guard. For way of tomoe, keep him pressed, reflect both lightning attacks, and don't go for vitality, go for posture.
By Anonymous
Why was this fight insanely difficult on first playthrough? Now I kill him faster than even a miniboss such as the drunkards in ng+. This is mostly the case with all bosses except demon of hatred where he tends to be more challenging ng+.
By Anonymous
the usage of Ichimonji double can't be understated in this fight(and in the game in general) - it punishes his charged shot if you are close enough both hits connect and his floating passage ******* - he jups right into the charged Ichimonji and both hits connect dealing a heavy damage(with only 2 AP on my soul), uncharged hits are connecting when he prepares a combo with a grab at the end, which he does regularly, but some distance is required, even if it goes into the block, there is only one instance he can hit back before you do another Ichimonji, if you get distancing right(just barely connecting first hit) every 2nd or third ID hits both times, dealing awesome posture and vitality damage, if you are feeling particularly tanky - try to combine it with the upgraded axe for quick kill, but i would rather save that combination for the second phaze when he does his flurry of sword attacks - you can dodge and hit him in the back with charged axe and then with the ichimonji double
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I go back and forth on my opinions of Sekiro but Genichiro is a testament that when combat in Sekiro works, it works phenomenally. The game is at it's best in a 1v1 sword duel against enemies with a fairly predictable attack pattern. He is the first real roadblock in this game and a test of everything you have learned thus far (like Amelia in BB or O&S in DS).
By Anonymous
My first roadblock was Genral Tenzen Yamauchi. And what do you know, I beat Sword Saint Isshin first try along with second encounter Way of Tomoe Genichiro. Thank you Genichiro
By Anonymous
You liar, you didn't, why even reply that?
By Anonymous
I like how much this fight acts as a measure of skill. Like when I first fought him, it took me maybe 5 hours to win, and even then, I won just barely. And now, after having to be much better when fighting Isshin, Owl (Father) and so on, he's barely a speedbump. And I don't mean that in any braggadocios way, I just mean that his difficulty is perfectly tied with how well you play within the rules of the game, how well you understand the mechanics that benefit you and what you should do in each situation. It might not be my favourite boss of the game, but I think if I look at it fairly objectively, he's the best designed one, once again showing how incredible FS are when it comes to boss-designs.
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