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By Anonymous
Just to put in perspective how much this game trains you. I haven't played in at least a year or two (Before Covid) and beat both stages with the Bell Demon without resurrecting once. (NG)

If anyone has trouble with a boss, trust me, after you've beaten the game it gets so much easier. It took me literally days to beat him the first time. Lets hope Elden Ring lets you grow the same way. (Lets all die a bunch on release!)
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By JimAbaddon
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I keep wondering something. Genichirou refers to Sekiro using the "kisama" pronoun, but "kisama" was originally and historically meant to be very formal. Since this game takes place during the Sengoku era, does that mean he's actually trying to be formal instead of insulting?
By Anonymous
fOr ThE gLoRy Of AsHiNa
By Anonymous
I got so good at timing sekiro's "face me" line better than the mikiri counter for this fight
By Anonymous
JUST BEAT THIS DUDE FEELS AMAZING. Took me like 20 tries, but now i can do first two phases without taking much damage, there’s an answer to all his moves (jumping over him, mikiri, lightning reversal etc)
By Anonymous
After I beat the miniboss I missed the really obvious path to this guy and ended up plaything through a huge chunk of the game up to killing the Corrupted Monk illusion and a bunch of mini bosses.

I’m kinda sad that I didn’t fight Genichiro right when I could have, because it sounds like he’s a pretty brutal test of skill when you’re not over leveled
By Anonymous
Genichiro, Way of Bow and Arrow
By Anonymous
Also, you can't pause the game if you are blocking...
By Anonymous
Worst boss I have ever faced in the history of all the fromsoft games. All he does is block. If I try and parry and counter, he blocks and then counters. I can continue to parry but his bar doesn't accrue parry-damage as I can't get his health to go down.

I shouldn't have to spend a Divine Confetti for chip-damage on a non-Terror boss; boooooo Fronsoft. I've beaten the rest of the game as far as I can and this is the most unfair thing I've seen in the game.FU.
By Anonymous
he isn t that hard, just gitgud.

By Anonymous
To each their own, admittedly this was probably the most difficult boss fight I’ve ever encountered in any game.. but I also feel that it really hammered the mechanics into me, as up to that point I was still playing the game as if it was Bloodborne
By Anonymous
he has an insane amount of openings for vitality damage and he is not that hard lol. he's slow and passive
By Anonymous
What a cheesy boss Fromsoft. All he does is block and walk around.
By Anonymous
What an excellent boss. Just beat this guy for the first time and it became my 2nd favourite fromsoft boss fight after nameless King, pushing orphan of kos down to 3rd. The first attempt I barely managed to get him to 2nd phase, cheesing with oil+flame vent on both health bars then instantly died in 2nd phase. I managed to beat him after ~12 tries, barely taking any damage and with no shinobi tools. My best tips would be to keep pressuring him with 2 attacks and work on your deflect to keep the pressure on. My saving grace was Ichimonji double, whenever he goes for perilous attacks or ranged hits, dodge sideways and do the uncharged ichimonji which also reduces your posture meter. In phase 2 don't forget to start with mikiri counter on his first move, and as soon as you see him raise both arms prepare to jump and block/attack to reflect the lightning. He has a very expansive moveset and I love the aggression that forces you to improve your play style offensively. Strong bloodborne/nioh 2 vibes, both of which I prefer the combat of than Dark Souls.
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