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By Anonymous
first real gatekeeper in the game, if you are having troubles with him you aren't ready for the rest
By Anonymous
Beat the rest of the game. Breathing technique, all the headless, some w/o confetti, the shinchini(spelling??) warriors, but he is all that is left.

All my instance does is walk around and block everything. I've parried 30+ times in a row and since he is on full health, he doesn't take parry-damage that I can do anything with.

IF I could get his health down sure, but he blocks everything. Just ****ing cheesy. At least if this was street-fighter or tekken, I could throw him.
By Anonymous
He asked Sekiro to work for him. If Sekiro has choice to accept that offer, Ashina would have won the battle against Ministry, he can fight along with Isshin, Emma and Genichiro. That would be an awesome way.
By Anonymous
Now imagine them fighting against the Demon of Hatred. How awesome would that be?
By Anonymous
By far the best boss to practice deflecting due
By Anonymous
"Don't be intimidated, just imagine him without his clothes on..."
"Oh no, he's hot!"
By Anonymous
The only thing I hate about this fight is that when he jumps in the air and shoots, his arrows home in on you, making dodging almost impossible, when it should be very easy
By Anonymous
can someone write what does he say in japanese, when you died for the first time on his second encounter "The power of the dragons blood? then i will kill you as many times" then idk what next
By Anonymous
Your right and it is my favorite boss fight other than isshin the sword saint
By Anonymous
Apparently, Genichiro's grab can be deflected. Not sure if this is some kind of glitch but it works.
By Anonymous
You can also deflect emma's grab, as well as the Shotgun Spear Women's grabs.
By Anonymous
Love him or hate him. We all gotta agree he prepared us for the rest of the game.
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I had a lot of trouble with this boss because I mistime the mikiri counter. I would press the button immediately upon seeing the symbol, dodge then be stabbed. What no one tells you is you have to wait a second. The same thing applies to his charged bow attacks. It's all about timing and aggression.
By Anonymous
That's the whole point of mikiri: dodge forward just before the thrust lands
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