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he's kinda fine ngl
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fr fr
By Anonymous
Would smash fosho
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So after a few years of fighting Genichiro just for the fun of it, I decided to study his dialogue a bit and I just discovered that "A shinobi would know the difference between Honour and Victory" was actually means "Don't blame me for using underhanded tactics to be victorious against someone as honour-less as a shinobi" type of deal. And his whole glory-talk about Ashina was because of his blind denial of the fact that Ashina's time had already ended. I hated Genichiro so much at first but the more I look at it, the more I see that Genichiro was really just someone so extremely devoted to his country (presumably because he sees Ashina as a mother figure after Isshin took him in) that he threw away all of his humanity. Genichiro parralels Wolf as a guardian, a protégé to two heroes of Ashina and as the bearer of the two Mortal Blades. It's reflected in the moments when they clash and Genichiro even acknowledges it if he kills you after you resurrect in the final fight. It's also worth noting that as you progress and get better, Genichiro grows more desperate and eventually loses himself. They both view eachother as a major obstacle to fulfilling their goal as Wolf had sworn vengeance against Genichiro no matter what and also to retrieve and protect the Divine Heir, which are both rules given by Owl in the Shinobi Code whereas Genichiro sees him as a threat due to his status as the Shinobi of the Divine Heir and the fact that due to Wolf's absolute adherence to the code and to Kuro, he'd just decimated nearly all of the defences he had set up for Ashina to stand a chance against the incoming invaders of the Interior Ministry. Wolf was being used as a means to an end by Owl to weaken Ashina's defences in order to have a chance at stealing the dragon's blood while Genichiro's stubborn attempts to preserve Ashina were a lost cause as the "Ministry Rats" had already flooded the place and Isshin had already accepted his fate. In the end, they were both tragic characters who were embroiled in a war to end the era of Ashina and unify Japan. He made my blood boil so much during my first playthrough and I love his character a lot for it.
By Anonymous
Beautifully said
By Anonymous
Fairly sure the game stopped registering my parries at a certain point just to make sure I got hit
By Anonymous
You actually can't perfect parry a specific slash of his combo for some reason. It's a pretty rare case when he slows down a few milliseconds enough for you to parry the entire combo perfectly. if not, then there's the risk of getting your posture broken because of the second to the last slash of the combo being so late that one block is enough to break all that built up posture. That's also why people usually just avoid it or use an umbrella considering how unreliable rng decides to be.
By Anonymous
this game is violently homoerotic
By Anonymous
you're so real for this
By Anonymous
Yep, a game made mostly by dudes, mostly for dudes about sweaty dudes clashing with their 'swords'.
By Anonymous
The third phase almost made me want to install a trainer.

First two I got gud at with ichi double. To chip damage wait for him to do a swing or slice or heavy bow, then quick circle behind him a double on his ***. Once he is half way you can break his posture fast by jumping on his head a ichi double on the way down. Back off each time in case he tries the grab. But swing behind double and jump double with take out the first two phases.

The third phase I wasted so much time trying the firecrackers and mikiri counters. Just get the first mikiri as it’s very easy then put pressure on and circle behind on any attacks. If you can reverse the lighting it goes fast but I can only get one if I’m lucky. I just jump and avoid it the pressure him. If you can get a couple ichi doubles on him he goes down in 30 seconds.

This fight was the most annoy fight so far. I’m glad I’m done with it.
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trust me, when you get too late game its gonna be so easy to lighting reversal, better start practicing
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The key to Phase 2 is relentless aggression. If you continously attack him and time your parries perfectly, he'll go down in a matter of seconds. He only did the lightning attack on me once, and only did the jumping smash once. I never gave him space to use his bow.
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He does a certain combo with a lot of swings, and it ends with Sekiro and Genichiro facing eachother with swords pointed, at that point Genichiro will break the moment with a thrust attack (danger symbol and all.)
For some reason I can never get the mikiri counter to work there, it seems like no matter how I time it the game won't mikiri, anyone else having this issue? most of the time Sekiro will dash forward straight into his thrust instead of countering it.
By Anonymous
Wait a half second. Fast reflexes are punished in this game. Just watch the symbol and when it seems like it’s been there too long hit the Mikiri counter and it will work.
By Anonymous
Here's a trick I picked up while fighting him for 2 hours straight lol. ATTACK. If you attack him directly without pause, he takes small posture damage and doesn't thrust.
By Anonymous
bruh this guy talks so much trash but is literally free resurrection power
By Anonymous
*easy resurrection power
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
He is indeed so god damn cool

Don't know why but I love how he and his moveset looks so much

or I just have stockholm syndrome who knows.
By Anonymous
Best example to illustrate how well this boss is designed: When you first fight them, you'll rage about his input reading thrust attack on your healing gourd in the third phase. However, after multiple rematches, only reason you'll be sipping will be to bait out an easy Mikiri Counter.
By Anonymous
Also, no, I don't know why my brain decided to turn Genichiro into an enby.
By Anonymous
why are there only *** pictures with him on google?
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