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By Anonymous
Maybe the "weakest" boss in terms of damage he can do to you. Yes. Gyobu hits stronger, and lady Butterfly has her running slash who can instant kill you. Genichiro has no big moves, except maybe the grab, but I dont know, he never grabs me.
By Anonymous
Well it isn't a grab he just elbow you, I got caught of guard a few times thinking he is going for a sweep and got elbowed by him, so I decided to just stay back instead
By Anonymous
>But also seemingly became obsessed with pursuing heretical arts as time went on in order to save both his mother and country. Dudes, what if he had hoped to save the Black Mortal Blade to resurrect his mother after having saved ashina but in his final fight with you, faced with choosing between his mother or Ashina he brought back Isshin to save their people? It's the kind of tragic lore FromSoft loves
By Anonymous
He never mentions his mother… He is only obsessed with Ashina in my opinion.
By Liamconn35
anyone know how to properly do the speedrun cheese on this guy, you know the one where you corner him.
By Anonymous
It relies too much on random chance in positioning. I think you just have to keep retrying until you get him in the right spot.
By Anonymous
This piece of***** gave me Dragonrot in real life...
By Anonymous
Is it called Coronavirus IRL?
By Anonymous
He kept me away from Coronavirus.
By Anonymous
Super Mario in real life SPAGHETTI
By Anonymous
Continued from below... Arrows *really* sting, especially charged arrows. You better be blocking the instant you see him going for his bow. During phase 1 & 2 he'll go for the bow anytime you try to use your gourd or pellets. Once you get the timing down it's easy to dodge left, right, or even straight at him. If you’re close enough you can dodge towards him and follow with a charged thrust. Always make sure there's some distance between you before you use the gourd or pellets to give yourself enough time to dodge. If you’re too close he’ll quick fire an arrow and you won’t be able to dodge or block. Lastly, if you need to heal in phase 3 make sure there’s plenty of room between you, and wait until right after he starts one of his long attack animations. Otherwise he'll hop, skip, and jump over to you and use you as a pin cushion/punching bag.
By Anonymous
This guy seems a lot harder than he really is. The key to beating him (in all 3 phases) is to be as aggressive as possible. Block/parry *everything* except his sweep perilous attack. Once you’re familiar with his move set you can fill up his posture bar with deflects and parries (stomping on his blade during his thrust perilous attack *really* makes things easier) and get your deathblows while he still has 75% of his vitality remaining. The key is not letting up. Don't let him recover. When he steps away and slowly circles around you from a distance run right up to him and take a swipe. When he blocks and counters you parry his attacks. Keep chipping away like this and you’ll get the first deathblow in no time. Watch out for his perilous attacks in phases 2 and 3. You can try to jump his sweep, but missing will cost you a third of your health. I find it easier to just dodge and counter. Jump and send the lightning back at him in phase 3 and when he's staggered as a result use the heaviest attack you've got.
By Anonymous
Completely agree. I played Dark Souls before Sekiro, so my instincts were to dodge and dive -- and Genichiro rinsed me 30+ times. But if you go absolutely ham on him, his moveset is massively reduced, he can't really do***** to stop you. Finally overwhelming him in that third phase and dealing the final deathblow was *so* satisfying.
By Anonymous
One of my favorite boss fights in any game. So rewarding to finally beat him. First playthrough (which I didn't finish) it took me like 10 tries. Then when I restarted the game 9 months later I was dreading this fight again, but actually managed to BARELY beat him on the first attempt, with all my gourds and rez used. Felt so amazing.
By Anonymous
I destroyed genichiro on my first try. He was very very easy
By Anonymous
Surprisingly easy. I still died 7 times and Tomoe was the only one I had trouble with. I deflected the lightning and instantly won. The only tip I can give is: Git Gud.
By Anonymous
super easy when you die seven times vs the gimmicky phase of the fight, meanwhile nice lying. Atleast read a wiki page before lying hardcore to flex your e-peen. 'Lightning deflects do 20% of the targets hp', appearently your game does oneshot him then? Interesting...
By Anonymous
Genichiro is like a wet paper. I just annihilated him at the first try
By Anonymous
Reasons why fighting this guy is a big fukcing joke, akin to chowing down on a big bullsiht sandwich. 1. When you dodge and COMPLETELY avoid one of his sword attacks, like you physically see the sword miss you, and still get hit and lose a quarter of your vitality. 2. When you see the red character for his slash or stab attack, dodge AFTER the animation starts, and he somehow rotates 90 degrees IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ATTACK ANIMATION to hit you no matter where you are like his sword is some sort of heat seaking missile locked on a target. 3. When you FINALLY manage to get 2 deathblows despite the bullsiht mentioned previously, and SURPRISE! He gets stonger, faster, a full vitality bar, AND a fukcing lightening sword... What a fukcing joke.
By Anonymous
maybe learn to deflect instead of dodging lol
By Anonymous
True Poise-Only Dark souls fan here I guess. Maybe try playing the game as intended and deflect instead of dodging like you do in dark souls. You know, bloodborne had a plank shield solely for people like you, needing an item telling them DONT USE BLOCKING, or in sekiro's case : DONT DODGE BECAUSE EVERY ENEMY HAS IMMENSE TRACKING. Sadly there's no plank shield in sekiro
By Anonymous
This boss is essentially the gotten gud check. You have to be proficient in the game to get past him, and if you can't, then you really aren't ready for the rest of the game. I honed my skills to beat him and now I can contend with enemies that I used to have to run from and kill from stealth
By Anonymous
So true. After dying to the POS 100 times, I felt ready And prepared to take on greater foes after him.
By Anonymous
See you again in NG+ without kuro's charm. 'Suffering is what I desire' ooh miyazaki...
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