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By Anonymous
I felt like posting a general reply to the complainers, since the same arguments are being used towards this mechanic, as Quicksilver Bullets in Bloodborne.

Throughout a stage, killing enemies naturally replenishes your Emblem uses, giving you a higher surplus than what you normally use.
Unless you actually find yourself chewing through your entire stock while going through a stage - such as an overreliance on Sabimaru in the early game, or spamming Firecrackers, or Lazulite Axe spins.
And the amount of Sen you get *also* increases in areas, as the games go on, in tandem with the Spirit Emblem prices - after you have defeated certain bosses

I believe I'm right to say it's just baddies blaming mechanics design (specifically limited so as to not be exploited) for why they find themselves at zero item stock.
Rightfully punished for being bad.
I have no problem calling it as I see it.

If the game allowed you to infinitely spam Okinaga's Flame and spinning axes, completely trivializing some enemies, they'd find a way to complain about that too.

It's never supposed to be your main tool of attack, it's entirely supplemental.
By Anonymous
To bookend this - No, you do not need to grind more Emblems.
You literally get more than you use going through a stage normally.
If your problem is being behind a Sculptor's Idol right before a boss and having 0 emblems left - then there's your answer.
By Anonymous
I never ran out of emblems in Sekiro. You use them to do cool ninja **** so you can ration them by reigning yourself in and only using special abilities when necessary.
Bloorborne otoh uses quicksilver bullets to parry, or rather to ATTEMPT to parry :/
That sucked.
By Anonymous
"Rightfully punished for being bad." This comment is 40% actually argument, 60% ad hominem, and 100% correct!
By Anonymous
Plain bad game design, classic FromSoft, make a good game with occasionally **** design decisions which fanboys will still defend Making them a finite resource and increasing price through the game makes no sense. Pretty much forces grind in mid game which is so obviously bad design, and can be fixed so easily, by making them reset on rest, like estus. Just use cheat engine to get them, no reason not to do so.
By Anonymous
Do you want an easy mode on your wishlist too?
By Anonymous
go ahead, cry some more. you literal do not even need prosthetic tools to do well in this game. if you rely on them, its because youre actual dogshit at combat
By Anonymous
Lol I am probably the most casual player (always choose easy difficult in every single game I have ever played) in the whole fandom and still finished the game without cheating or boss cheesing. Thing is, the game was always on "easy" mode all the time, because of that they have to add kuro's charm and bell demon. Spirit Emblem is finite because if you carry more of them the game will become too easy. In term of grind, only money and xp are necessary, other items can be bought/picked or dropped while grinding for money or xp.
By Anonymous
Put down your pitchforks and use your brains for a second. The axe has ammo... An axe. And it's the same ammo shurikens use. That's dumb as ****. 15 max, when some cost 5? No way to replenish during a boss fight? It's terrible game design. Makes prosthetics nearly usesless.
By Anonymous
The axe and shuriken use ammo because spirit emblems are required to make the prosthetic arm work. The max is actually 25, you just start with 15. You can replenish them during a boss fight using the ceremonial tanto, which will give you 15 more spirit emblems in exchange for 3 gourds. Prosthetic tools are not meant to be used as primary weapons, they each have situational uses. The shuriken for killing airborne enemies and taking out enemies from long range, the axe is for breaking enemies' posture, the firecrackers are for staggering enemies, the flame vent is for adding the burn effect, etc. These are all situational uses, and you're not supposed to be constantly using these or even maining specific ones.
By Anonymous
Just say you're bad, and go.
By Anonymous
Shouldn’t have been an actual item. I don’t see how grinding to get sen to get these is a fun and good mechanic
By Anonymous
They're not really essential, as prosthetics, combat arts, and ninjutsu are all extremely situational. In my playthrough I never rand out, and even if you do have to grind them, it allows you to practice against certain enemies while you farm.
By Anonymous
***** that***** item, they had a really great mechanic with prothetics, but had to ruin it. They couldve just made it refill at the bf but no. Now theyre basically limited to be used at boss fights.