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really wish they would have made it so this would refresh like estus at bonfires
But your healing item does refresh (like estus) when resting at an idol. Spirit emblems are nothing like estus at all.
They're not saying they're like estus... they're saying that spirit emblems SHOULD be like estus because grinding them is tedious, it's like you're being punished for using the tools that the game gave you. Sucking at one boss fight could mean blowing your whole stockpile of them.
If you use mibu spirit ballons with the bell demon, you should be able to farm divine spirits fast. Since the type op enemy doesnt matter, hirata estate is very good. The bell demon can be aquired by ringing the demon bell in senpou, it makes enemies more difficult to fight, but not by much, and increased the drops.
I guess it depends on RNG. I have full stock of emblems, antidotes and what not. I even have excess upgrade materials. I did farm xp for some 4 to 5 h. I did bought at least 200 of them at the start, since you lose money every time you die it's best you spend it. You can't lose what you don't have xD
the whole spirit emblem things is clunky as fk.
lol wtf have u guys ever played Bloodborne? this is exactly bullets, and plus u even have to farm for.heals in that game
How has no one made a mod for this yet
have to farm them all the time, this sucks
Why not just buy them? 10 sen each,
The price increase as you progress. Mine costs 50 sen...
I dont know if this is a glitch or not, but I get a refill each time I rest at the Idols
It's not, every spirit emblem you get over the limit are stocked, just like normal items. That's the number between ( ) next to the spirit emblems.
thanks for the answer. Btw have you find the crow feather?
The cost of them emblems goes up the further into story you go, mine cost 50 per emblem at the sculptor
It seems that they start at 10, rise to 20, then 50 when crossing certain story thresholds. Honestly I think they should have just left it alone.
its 10, 20, 30, 50, at least so far for me. I dont wanna spoils the locations or events causing the increases, but its tied to acquiring memories from defeating certain main story bosses. I am not sure if turning in the memories or not to increase attack will do it or if just aquiring them to start with is the trigger, cuz i always just turn them in instantly.
Emblems cap out at 999 in storage, and 20 held with all skills that increase your spirit emblem count.
Note: one of the latent skills are not found in skill tree, but acquired through defeating a difficult enemy later in the game, for people who are confused.
Anyone else getting a glitch where you randomly lose stored emblems? It's really frustrating, I'm trying to build up a stock for when I use them up in boss battles, but I keep suddenly getting from several hundred emblems to 0 without actually using them :/



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Some tools eat emblems at the speed of light, notoriously sabimaru, but any channel-like prosthetic will too (umbrella comes to mind). Additionally, a lot of special moves also consume emblems (which I didn't realize for the longest time). Maybe you're eating them by accident?
Does the price go back to 10 in NG+?
No, in NG+ my spirit emblems still cost 50
If you’re smart at the beginning of the game there is not much worth buying so sink your money into spirit emblems so you don’t lose all you’re money when you die. This is what I did and never had to farm for them
Does anyone know if spirit emblem drop chance is affected by the virtuous deed skill?