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***** this guy
This dude makes me the Big Sad.
Was initially difficult but figured out an easy way to beat him. First make a beeline past him and take care of the spear guy, you dont wanna deal with both of them together. The trick to beating the ogre is to continually circle him and whittle down his health. DO NOT back up or create distance, he has fair amount of tracking with his lunging grab and suplex combo and that is his most dangerous move. As long as you stay very close and circle him, he will miss pretty much most of his attacks including the grabs.
When you circle him, circle to your left (his right). Dodge attacks by moving to the side, do not dodge backwards- that creates distance and he will have an easier time landing his grabs.
nah, when u circle him he will literally do nothing, baiting u to attack and then punish u with a smash or a grab
ah fair, I was circling to my right in typical Soulsborne fashion and found out hes not falling for itit
Adding onto what Anonymous(22 Mar 2019 11:07) said, do exactly that. But before the encounter you can do this. Kill the first 2 people you can eavesdrop on. Throw a Shuriken at him. Climb ontop of the gateway arches behind you and sneak. Let him walk out a little bit and then hook to the branch and stand. Wait until his bar turns yellow and then stealth again. When he gets close, jump and do a critical hit as you're falling to take away 1 bar of life immediately. Afterwards, do the strategy that anonymous states to the T.
Basically the first skill check of the game, dodge and place between 1 and 4 hits (4 hits only when you are behind him) here and there, don't get too greedy or you'll regret it soon enough. He will most likely kill you the first time you meet him, most of his attacks are easy to dodge but mistakes are punished. My advice is don't hug him but don't stay too far, his worst attack is that lunging grab that has a fairly broken hitbox and insane tracking and he won't be able to do it unless you are far enough. Not a dps race, just stay alive and he'll go down in time.
This isn't a skill test, it's a test of RNG. If he does the broken hitbox lunge attack you are *****ed.
Almost first attempted this guy, had to resurrect halfway through his second bar, knock him down for a death blow, spearman shows up and piledrives me into a wall and kills me instantly. W h y
I’ve been grabbed while 5 feet above him.
There’s a ledge behind him to the left of the door, you can get his punk a$$ stuck up on the ledge and jump slice him till he’s no more!


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You can cheese him by: Follow the first rule of hiding out then taking his first deathblow bar. Lure him to the stairs to the left of where the first two enemies in the area are, circle right to the ledge above the stairs, then go ham. When he climbs up the stairs, drop down, get a couple of swipes in; Jump to the the right ( back onto the ledge) when he starts coming back down. Rinse, repeat.
Trigger him then let it reset to get the initial life bar down. After that use the branches and roof tops as a safe place to hit him with oil before dropping down and shooting him with the flame cannon. This will set him alight and allow you to wail on him for a bit before you need to repeat the tactic again. Keep doing this until you kill him.