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Gamertag is RatedDzcrazy, I have up to oocsiris killed or however u spell it. Just want to help people with boss fights, seems so dead



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Do you play Monster Hunter World?
There is never an issue with getting a fight, you can pick which boss you want to fight, and the bosses are more tuned for multiplayer than any Souls game.
And MHW has Palicos (nuff said).

It’s just a suggestion. DS3 is almost 3 years old and hollowing fast. Sekiro is about to drop so that will pull away some of the more dedicated FS players that are still hanging around in Souls.

Problem with Souls is that people try to turn it into their ‘full blown multiplayer’ game, but the game is designed in a way to make this difficult or even impossible not long into the games lifespan.
The concept of lvl metas theoretically helps but I argue that it does little for longevity, and instead just puts you with the same group of PvP players during the early life of the game.
Just because someone sticks to a meta does not mean that they will play regularly for years to come. It’s terrible logic and all the meta really does is restrict you to a very small group of dedicated duelist who probably have little interest in clearing bosses with people.

When I returned to DS3 last fall, my characters around the meta had less online activity than my characters above SL200+.
Because the truth is, many who don’t keep the meta actually continue playing longer just for the sake of leveling despite the arbitrary increases. The reason is killing bosses more than getting stronger (for many).

Souls purposely shoots itself in the foot as far as Co-op is concerned. It’s far too limited and the matchmaking has never been reliable.

The solution?
Play a game that doesn’t constantly punish your Co-op options with so many needless limitations.
MHW is my best suggestion for anyone dying for some co-op monster killing but does not want to go the MMO route.


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Going from what Shadow said, there's a new game called Ashen that's apparently a more co-op focused action RPG that plays a lot like Souls games.
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