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By Anonymous
I feel like a full blown "change your appearance" dealie would have been better.
By JemJem
Same. Even to just be able to look at my character parameters so I can recreate it.
By Anonymous
I am interested in more lore about this coffin.
By Anonymous
This coffin is all that remains from Nitos LGBT rave parties
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
It was built by worshippers of gwyndolin
By Anonymous
Says the need the need
By Anonymous
If you flip flop enough times, does it act like the similar face button?
By Anonymous
Gwyndolin, all I’m saying.
By Anonymous
I sont know much about the lore but wasnt gwyndolin raised as female
By Anonymous
yup. gwyndolin is technically afab because *hand wavey motion* moon stuff
By Anonymous
I think Gwyndolin was just raised as a Daughter, I thin he identified as male. I think somewhere in the Japanese text is referred to him as "King of the Gods" being their leader. Also all the text in all translations refers to him with he/his/him pronouns.

Maybe this is just me projecting, but I think he is just a really feminine *** boi. I say hes *** because dude has been alive for thousands of years and has no kids or wife. Just sayin.
By Anonymous
On the ps4 edition, a bug occurs where changing to and back does not keep hair and facial shape, but instead reset look to default face and hair (while in hollowed state). Using an effigy fixes appearance.
By Anonymous
The ogres nearby are so angry because they're too big to fit in the coffin.
By mc_snakebite
Every woman in the world wishes this was a real thing.
By Anonymous
especially the lesbians
By Anonymous
Pretty sure you're just trans, buddy.
By Anonymous
Male to female transformations tend to look ugly. If only where was way to change appearance.