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"Lighter enemies struck by the spear may be dragged towards the wielder." GET OVER HERE!
Does anyone know which enemies you can remove armor from?
Appears to only be "poorly fitting armor" just tried on a very well armored enemy to no great effect.
There are some guards talking about how one of them had to help someone put on armor. I'm not sure who they were talking about but I think maybe a mini boss?
No idea, I tried it on the Taro(?) with the bell right near where the guards were talking but no luck. I kept thinking if I broke off the armor he apparently doesn't like he'd be passive and intractable but guess I'm wrong.
I suppose they didn't implement armor removal mechanic in the game, maybe because they were in a rush.. Who knows? But maybe spear puts a hidden debuff on enemy which increases damage taken?
The spear does knock the armor off the bell giant, it just takes too many hits to be worthwhile.
The big baby-face enemies that usually have very large weapons, sometimes have really loose armor on, the spear can yank that off.
It works on the giant with the bell, you just have to use the R->R like the ability tooltip says to yank it off. I haven't found any other enemies that it works on in the entire game. It does not work on the smaller enemies with similar crappy armor to the giant.
Hands down my favorite prosthetic. Great at stunning and opening up enemies.
doesn't remove armor *****ing horseshit
It does but spear should be upgraded and only selected few mobs . IE not really worth to upgrade. Axe is better


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those really big boys that have clubs and giant bells... they have armor that can be removed. like below post says...not worth. However this is an amazing tool against guardian ape.
You can use this on the second phase of the guardian ape to pull the worm out for a small stun.
DS3 spear charge!
Can't you use it for the armored warrior?


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The description is rather misleading, sadly no.
It's not misleading, the armored warrior is in fact wearing very well-fitting armor.
This thing is great for the Centipede Men that like to backstep and throw fire at you. Yanks them in real close so you don't have to burn your toes.
Just jump at them. You'll clear the fire and deathblow them. They're like the geckos. You can deathblow them at any time by jumping towards them.
Confirmed: Pulls chestplate off of Red Guard miniboss during Ministry invasion of the Ashina Outskirts. Requires 2 uses. Enjoy.
It makes him way easier. His posture breaks about twice as fast.