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By Anonymous
I can’t wait for the dlc and game to come out, I played bloodborne, all three dark souls including dlc. I just want to see the road from soft is taking with this game.
By Anonymous
I'm on the final boss (I think) after the DD. DD was so *****ing cool, and I really hope they do something like it for the dlc's bosses. They're definitely going to add Tomoe as a boss though. And probably Genichirou 2.
By Anonymous
*Spoiler* I don't think we'll have to fight Genichiro once again after encountering him 3 different times in the base game. Unless Miyazaki spices things up with a new design, moveset etc.
By Anonymous
No DLC coming
By Anonymous
I hope we get some dlcs bc theres so many ways they can go with this game
By Anonymous
I didnt preorder the game on PS4 and got the Theme anyway
By Anonymous
No there’s a free theme too, the paid one is the Hirata Estate theme
By Anonymous
Yeah I got it a day late and got both themes as well.
By Anonymous
Same, got the HIrata theme and the other one
By Anonymous
I hope we can many expensions
By Anonymous
English please
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I kind of wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't any DLC. Dark Souls and Bloodborne DLCs were there because of Bandai mandates. While Activision is known for their extra monetization, don't you think they would have been trying to shove some kind of season pass down our throats by now? I give this game a 50/50 chance we get one DLC, like Bloodborne. 0% chance of multiple DLCs, like DS3.
By Anonymous
Well Dark Souls and Bloodborne DLCs were actually damn great and probably all of them received praise, so it wouldn't be that weird for a DLC to be released. Also, Activision is only a publisher for the west, they have hardly any say in the question of whether or not there will be a dlc
By Anonymous
In all honesty, I actually think because Sekiro is a pure Single Player game there are alot of options for DLC. From new alternate storylines and weapon/prostetic/enemy types you name it. Sekiro being 100% singleplayer gives them so much design freedom i'd be sad not to see some creative DLC/DLC's
By MaidGalaxy
Bloodborne was actually planned to receive 2 DLC but they ended up merging them into the single old hunters DLC, which results in its unusually large size of content compared to what other DLCs would deliver. So if Sekiro gets 1 Bloodborne sized DLC, this is going to be just fine.
By Anonymous
Bandai had nothing to do with Bloodborne so obviously the DLC wasn't because of Bandai mandates. I'd be shocked if they didn't do a Sekiro DLC as well. Maybe just 1 though like Bloodborne and not 2 or 3 like with Dark Souls 2 & 3 and obviously Activision couldn't sell a "season pass" if it was just one DLC.
By Anonymous
If we do get dlc it might be just one big one like old Hunter dlc for bloodborne. That's what I hope at least
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Most likely the Maria/Friede of this game.
By Anonymous
We can hope
By Anonymous
I can already sense it, you will find the bell of the ancient divine heir, (can't remember it's name though) and you will enter it's memory, discovering his story and some new bosses of course, TOMOE FOR SURE, a dancing fight with lightnings all over the damn place. Maybe we will see Emma's master too, or the ancient shura? (As Emma witnessed it before?)
By Anonymous
Dude, i'm not sure if u paid attention to all the NPC said durning the game, but with that last sentence u should re-play the game and farm some sake for 'em
By Anonymous
I think it would be cool if the DLC either took place in the past through using a bell (Tomoe encounter?), took place after the Return ending as we look for the birthplace of the divine dragon (although my guess is that the Return ending was probably created so that if they ever wanted, they could make a sequal and it would work in terms of plot). If it took place after the Return Ending, maybe we could be either heading out west or exploring some new areas within Ashina to try and find hints at the exact location or area we have to look to find the divine dragons home and further set up a sequal.
By DieserCoookie
Every ending gave them the possibility to make a DLC... Either it is, fighting Shura / being Shura, playing as Kuro, finding the divine dragons home or meeting a new shinobi.