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Juzou of the Burger Valley
Fatty ahead
Juzou of the USA


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I've found a pretty reliable method to do this alone. Step One: Thin out bandits Step Two: Lure him out, and make him reset. Step Three: Shinobi Stealth Blow Step Four: Hug the booty, just like dark souls.


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there is a "reset line" on the water next to the flaming building where you came from. if you fight him there he wont be too agressive and you can stab him (maintain RB) when he walk back to his spawn
god his hitbox is so *****ing broken. every time i dodge his downward chop ill be a foot away from the blade and still die
dry dodging to the side lmao
if you're dodging away, you're asking to get hit by that*****. his sword is *****ing gigantic. try dodging to the side - much more logical and you're unlikely to get hit. also, as with just about every single attack in this game, Juzou's moves have some outrageously tight hitboxes. most of his slashes have the potential to miss you by mere inches when you're right next to him.
I managed to get a 1v1 fight with Juzoh, by luring his lackeys to me one at a time with shurikens. If you keep your distance, remain crouched and target one of the guys with a shuriken, you can easily separate them from the group and pick them off one by one, leaving you with just Juzoh, and all the time you need to enlist the help of the NPC.
The best way to kill him is to kill all the small enemies while running away from him, after you did that lose him that way you can perform a stealth attack behind his back, and for the last part run to Nogami talk to him quickly and proceed to smash some fatso's ***.
Do you get anything special if the NPC survives?
I just beat him, the guy just panted and said he was tired. I'll update later if I run into him in the future.
Usually, I use his help and then kill him, he is no more use, so the only reward is to get some XP and loot from him ^^
This guy really gave me a headache yesterday...the best option by far imo is to stick to the NPC once the lackeys are taken care of.
That crow feather teleport thingy straight up wrecks him. Pop it when he's about to hit, teleport behind him and "nothing personnel" the fatty to death.