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By Anonymous
only girl asked me for seeds
By Anonymous
what the hell is wrong with you people
By Anonymous
I agree. You have to be a real sicko to find this doe-eyed, refined and intelligent woman attractive. What a bunch of freaks. I bet they will also use their anonymity to comment weird stuff about this fictional character. Unheard of.
By Anonymous
Can I have latte with breast milk I mean breast milk uhh I mean breast milk I mean breast milk
By Anonymous
Welp, guess I'm straight now.
By Anonymous
Sekiro x Emma hot makeout session fanfiction
By Anonymous
Wait a minute this isn't Google
By Anonymous
certified fromsoft fan moment
By Anonymous
NO! Sekiro x Divine Child forever
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
MIO from dororo?
By Anonymous
If only she wasn’t wearing the socks
By Anonymous
you don't know what's good. Socks count as well
By Anonymous
Emma is the best fromsoftware girl
By Anonymous
It sucks that when you go back to her after defeating Sword Saint and Genichiro there in no extra dialogue. Her of all people should have noticed the lightning summons on the silver grass field ( she is high up on the Castle too) and realized right away what was going on.
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