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Useful for Gravelord Dance miracle on high INT characters
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How does this compare to the Darkmoon talisman with 50 int / 50 faith?
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At 50 FTH/INT, the Darkmoon Talisman gives 226 MagAdjust and Velka's Talisman gives 199. This talisman is only really useful for low Faith, high INT players who want to cast miracles. If you have 50 INT, Velka's Talisman is better until you hit 43 Faith when the Darkmoon Talisman overtakes it. You can find the table on the Faith-Int Talisman Magic Adjustment Values page linked in the notes section here.
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Bought this and homeward spell for my sorcerer, 13k souls wasted
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You can use replenishment and heal with 18 faith and never have to use estus again, I mean, regenerating health, why can no one else see the potential of just a little investment, especially when you also use the Sanctus.
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This thing exists in a strange place of not being very practical due to the issues with Miracles that I'll get to.

It's sorcery counterpart the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst is very useful as at 25 Intelligence you get access to a lot of great Sorceries, only missing out on Pursuers, both Soul Spear variants and White Dragon Breath. This includes Crystal Magic Weapon, which while weaker than Darkmoon Blade by a considerable margin (over 100 less damage at base rank), you get three uses, aren't tied to a Covenant and can extend it's duration with the Lingering Dragoncrest Ring on top of being able to obtain multiple copes per save file as opposed to the one.

Great Heavy Soul Arrow in particular only requires 16 Intelligence yet can do over 600 damage (at 50 Faith with the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring), Emit Force on the other hand with the Miracle boosting ring and 50 int using thi*****s 573 damage at most (according to Soulsplanner), on top of that you can get two copies per NG cycle.

Velka's Talisman suffers from the issue that there aren't many Miracles with low Faith requirements that are really good.

28 Faith you only get Gravelord Swords Dance, Gravelord Greatsword Dance, Lightning Spear, Emit Force and Wrath of the Gods, if you go to 30 you also get Great Lightning Spear and both Miracle weapon buffs that you only get one use of.
As for utility/support you get all of the Heal spells other than Soothing Sunlight, Replenishment, Force, Homeward and both versions of Magic Barrier.

Your options are very limited with a heftier investment, if you go to 30 Faith you do get both Miracle Weapon buffs, but if you're on a 50 int build even at max rank in the Darkmoon Blades, Crystal Magic Weapon from the Tin Crystalizaion Catalyst is only 7 points weaker and doesn't require you to be in a covenant to use it for the same amount of casts (plus an extra one if you swap catalysts), at 45 int it's 5 points weaker.

While the Gravelord spells seem like a good choice because of the fact that they don't require any stats, the Firestorm line of spells either do slightly less or way more, and you can obtain multiple copies of them save for Chaos Storm (sure it's only an option in NG+, but you only get one copy of those two per save file), keep in mind this is with the Miracle boosting ring but no Bellowing Dragonrest Ring, plus with Pyromancy you get access to all of them as long as you have at least two attunement slots. Unless you're in said covenant they won't be as good as other spells like it.

Overall unlike the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst, the Velka's Talisman seems like it's more trouble than it's worth with the lack of good miracles that have low Faith requirements and the Gravelord Sword Dance spells are too situational when you factor in the Firestorm spells, you could put that 20, 28 or 30 Faith into other stats that benefit you more. If there were more good Miracles that had lower Faith requirements things would be different.
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I mean, replenishment, heal, and emit force are all really good and the most among them only require 18 faith. At 28 faith you get Wrath of The Gods which is only 3 more stat points required than if you want crystal soulmass with the darkmoon catalyst, and Wrath has no sorcery or pyromancy equivalent. Everybody just wants to stick to their guns and doesn't realize that you can have some very effective and unique builds with just a little more investment, three levels in this case.
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Actually I think Velka's Talisman is probably the best option for a true Hybrid Faith/Int Build. While it requires a lot of levels 44 Int/28 Faith wil give you access to all the best spells in the game. You can take these stats out of End since you don't need Stamina or even high Poise when casting and only meeting base requirements for basic weapons. Your main source of dps is in your spells, and that's all you really need to focus on apart from Vit and maybe a secondary weapon.

Tin Darkmoon Catalyst gives you more room for other stats with a modest 16-25Int/40Faith, but you're not quite as powerful as you would be with Velka. I guess you can go with Tin Darkmoon if you wanted to use stat demanding weapons such as the Pike, you're keeping your Level under 100, or if you want a lot more Attunement for using Pyromancy Spells alongside Sorceries and Miracles. Otherwise your damage potential suffers a little.
Excellently written.

Building a Level <=60 character themed around Velka, I found that you need _at least_ 30 intelligence before this talisman's magic adjust excedes the Thorolund Talisman's, so I'll consider that the minimum investment. 31 intelligence will get you 5 (Crystal) Homing Soulmasses, and 36 gets you the Soul Spear. Leveling Intelligence enough for this talisman to be worthwhile massively powers up existing offensive sorceries - which are easier to combo into - and places you a stone's throw away from another leap in power.

As already said, the Gravelord miracles require 0 faith and scale on magic adjustment.

Aside from those, you must have 12 faith to cast miracles, and at 12 faith the only miracle that scales on magic adjust is Heal. The only benefits of Heal, Great Heal Excerpt and Great Heal over the Estus flask are that they scale on magic adjust and... aren't Estus flasks. Once you have the Rite of Kindling and a few Fire Keeper Souls, the benefits of the healing miracles are vanishingly small, compared to anything else you could attune - including Force - so I don't consider them when building.

While you get useful utility miracles before 18 Faith - Magic Barrier and Replenishment - they don't scale on magic adjustment. It isn't until Emit Force that you get your next miracle that scales on magic adjustment. For most classes, leveling to 18 faith is still a larger investment than the 6 extra Intelligence to get the Soul Spears, which have similar damage, a faster cast time, longer range and similar group-killing capabilities.

The first miracle that seriously competes with our level 31-36 intelligence Sorceries are the Lightning Spears, with their much faster travel time, rare damage type and massively increased damage against some of the strongest enemies in the game, the dragons. While they do have increased cast time, the advantages still make them a trade-off compared to the sorceries.

Also available at 20 Faith is Karmic Justice. To use effectively, you have to take many hits in quick succession, and as a self-buff it prevents use of Replenishment at the same time. Its trigger is not based on damage received, but the frequency of attacks received, making it less useful against the more powerful enemies in the game.

It's not until 28 Faith that we get another scaling Miracle. and while Wrath of Gods is indeed a powerful choice, we're now only 2 levels below the minimum intelligence to make this talisman useful. With the kind of investment we're making into faith to make this talisman useful, we could have invested more in intelligence and gained access to yet stronger spells and catalysts, invested in other stats to improve our weapon proficiencies or increased our vitality or endurance for a flat improvement to offense/survivability.
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None of this disputes its primary use. It's an end game auxiliary for sorcerers when you want or need to specifically cast miracles. There is no lightning damage equivalent of CSS that you cast with a catalyst. If you want to chuck Lightning at something and you have high int, this is your primary candidate. You're not supposed to level to use this specifically, and it will likely not fit in your build. But it does fulfill its own role until (for e.g.) the 50 int caster would finally level its faith to 43 so when they do want to cast a miracle, they use Darkmoon Talisman instead.
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a talisman that requires INT in this game, and a stave that require faith in dark souls 3

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You forgot Tin Darkmoon Catalyst in this game. It also scales with Faith.
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every catylyst in ds2
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Are there not enough normal talismans to pick from? Why does every item have to be exactly the same?
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I just now realized it looks really similar to the darkmoon talisman, just destroyed.
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Best used if you want to have access to lightning spear, heal spells (minus great heal), etc. use on my strength intelligence build with 20 faith, 37 intelligence, and it works a dream for me just wanting more options
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As others mentioned, it's not practical. At 30 Faith (Where you get access to WotG and DMB) You would need 34+ intellect for Velka's Talisman to surpass other Talismans. This isn't an issue for people relying mostly on spells or who don't care about going to lv 150 and beyond, but if you are wanting to stick below or at lv 120, soft cap Dex/Str AND have some good damaging spells, better stick with doing either INT or FTH, NOT BOTH.
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The Tin Darkmoon Catalyst is a better option for a tri-caster build, Sorceries for whatever reason in this game have hilariously low Intelligence requirements (16 int allows you to use ALL BUT EIGHT SPELLS in the entire game). If you go to 25 Int that drops to 4. Yes you do lose out on Pursers and Soul Spear (both versions), but that isn't too bad. Dark Bead only requires 16 Intelligence, the most broken spell in the entire game only requires you to put 8 points into Intelligence if you started as a Cleric. Plus my Faith Mage playthrough very quickly became one of my favorite builds ever and was a TON of fun. If you want to go Tri-caster, the Tin Darkmoon Catalyst is the way to go.