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By Anonymous
I'm a newbie, I have a question?

I have 30 Faith and I want to use these skills ===>"Gravelord Sword Dance, Gravelord Greatsword Dance, Wrath of the Gods, Karmic Justice, Vow of Silence" which Talisma do they get better with?

Darkmoon Talisman ? or Velka's Talisman ?
By Anonymous
If you are capping at 30, neither, use canvas. If you plan to go to 40 faith, go darkmoon.
By Anonymous
- Tin Darkmoon Catalyst: "[...] and this wand is boosted by faith, not intelligence."
- Velka's Talisman: "It casts miracles not by drawing upon faith, but intelligence."
- Book of the Guilty: "he goddess of Sin, Velka, oversees this list of the guilty, who have disrespected the Gods or their covenants, and shall one day face the wrath of the Blades of the Darkmoon."

One the opposite of the other, but with the same purpose.
Gwyndolin IS Velka.
By Anonymous
Velka is in Elden ring?!?!
By Anonymous
this talisman lets you cast and deal considerable damage with the gravelord sword dance miracles in a pure int build since they require no faith, pretty cool
By Anonymous
Very good talisman if you are at 50 INT and just want to use some basic miracles with 12, 16 or 18 faith requirement.