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cool sword
I assume it also scales with your str / dex / fth? Not just char tendency?
Nah but got a sword 540 total damage will still be gr8 even in ng++
King of the dupers
Kinda wished only Demonbrandt and Soulbrandt existed and both with the exact same AR (SB has a little higher) because they’re a perfect clash between good and evil and combined with the ally and foes rings it gives summons and invaders more personality unlike the other games but the Northern Regalia just outclasses both swords so they really only exist to forge it and move on
Honestly this might be my favourite name of any weapon in the series



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Sounds so heroic
PKCS is so much better than this cancer weapon

(sereusly imagine if that moron just came here and commented this lmao)
That guy is baiting. Comments like these and the ones that get salty about it are falling for the bait.
This thing has higher AR at pure white/black character tendency than the meat cleaver does at 99/99/99 strength dexterity and faith ... Holy
but you can buff meat cleaver.
Didn’t pick up soulbrandt at the end! Anyone can drop one for me?
Sure. Meet me in Harlem at midnight tonight. I'll drop it for you.
That thing looks like a good butt plug
And you really do need a GOOD butt plug cuz lemme tell ya, that ain't the kind of thing you wanna cheap out on! (RIP white pants)