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A pity he has just a katana. Hopefully in their next game there will be more options and customization.
There will be more weapons. FromSoftware plays with us. They only show the Katana in trailers. There will be more weapons....
Sorry anon, no other weapons. Just got tot he last boss and haven't found a single one.
It makes sense you only have the 1 katana. In ancient Japan, the katana was a family heirloom, most likely the most valuable most important possession
dude,the next game will be a real good one,this sekiro stuff is sad,a bad nioh copy,a desperate move from miyazaki,he made something great with bloodborne and now he *****ed up with this boring katana game,no pvp,no co-op,no character customization,no lot of weapons,etc..a real bad decision,we only have to wait one or two years when he left the drugs or his depression and he announced a real game,obviously bloodborne 2,the game all of us we had expecting
Bloodborne is trash. Sekiro is quite fine but I'd like more weapon choices like dark souls
blOoD bOrN 2 PlS sHoW DoLl feet mAsTer PieCe tHiS wEeB gAme tRaSh
Aaawww no bo staff :(
Moonlight Odachi? Would it be a Miyazaki's game without Patches and some form of Moonlight GS?
While he did write the game, he didn't direct it. . . meaning no Patches sadly, I'm not sure about moonlight greatsword though, i feel like it should just be a staple of their games from now on lol
Contrary to the other anon post, Miyazaki did in fact direct this game. His name is literally the first name when the credits roll and he’s listed as the Director.
My little headcanon is that anayama the peddler is the patches equivalent t in this game because he says something like "I used to be a thief now I'm a humble merchant" or something like that it gives strong patches vibes like how they replaced him with pate in DS2
I can feeling something toxic in the air . . . And its bad.
yeah it´s called "we are from soft,and we are out of ideas,you criticized bloodborne,a superior game,a true masterpiece,because the small weapon quantity but you now praise like idiots this*****ty game that only has katanas to offer you,did you laugh at dex builds huh? suck this,moron"
Yeah, they should just stick to making "Attack Twice Than Dodge: The Game" and throw in something hinting at previous game to make themselves some fat dosh.
Ye its called the dark souls fandom
This isn't Dark Souls, complaing? Play Dark Souls. Miyazaki can do whatever he wants. Stop complaining, if bored, play a different game. You bought a game that literally takes place in feudal Japan, what did you expect a *****ing greatsword. Do I expect katanas in Elden Ring, *****ing no, play a different game, everyones probably just mad at Sekiro's difficulty anyway. This is NIOT Dark Souls! Can't tell you how many times Miyazaki made that clear.
anyone found the subimaru yet?
Has anyone found subimaru?
to find sibamaru, drop down at the plateform from the Antichamber checkpoint ( where the you meet the samouraï dressed in blue), clear a few enemies, the weapons is there in a chest, this also allow to open the castle doors. Good luck, Abiboi.
i wonder if anyone has a clue to the black Fushigiri
DLC ? I hope!
for those wondering subimaru is in the pit area where theres two nobles and an old lady patrolling in ashina castle


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New here. I love this game but can we all agree that more weapons would be cool? People loved the katanas in dark souls but ONLY katanas gets a little old. Just my opinion. I hope with some updates or dlc we get more weapons, but, I'm really enjoying this game because they did a great job with the combat and the intricacy of the world
I'm agree. It like ninja gaiden 3 that inferior than the previous game. even its have same gameplay, Because its lack of weapon to play , no other combat style. just katana only. that make the overall game is boring pretty quickly. (even devil may cry, metal gear rising are not only have one main weapon. not only the other game. their previous game such as dark souls, bloodborne still have many weapons and many combat style to choose. I wonder why they don't do that with this game. It's seem like this game is lazy making....or maybe no time enough to make?... I don't know. But I hope they fix it later. )
Well he is a shinobi. They use katanas. The prosthetic tools are your back up weapons and makes sense for the setting and who your character is. I could see a doc maybe adding a new main weapon but I doubt it
A shinobi isnt using a giant greataxe wtf from soft pls add
You literally have an axe that acts just like a greataxe. This isn't dark souls, it was never ment to be dark souls, bloodbourne, maybe a little like Dark Souls. Just because this is a Miyazaki game doesn't mean it's dark souls. You have plenty of prosthetic tools, you have plenty of items, you have plenty of skills trees. Kusabimaru has 5 different attacks in a combo. It's *****ing set in feudal Japan, you want a greatsword? Play dark souls instead
Katana's weren't there main weapon and were not used as often as you think they mainly used bows and pole arms