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By Anonymous
"Wtf!?!...did he just...?"

Every player upon seeing his grab animation for the 1st time.
By Anonymous
Man who keeps putting those ahh sucking minibosses around every corner
By Anonymous
Nightjar slash lets you easily dodge behind him unimpeded.
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By MatinArtorias
None of the Umbrellas smoke when deflecting his projectiles
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
everyone gangsta until a healthbar appears in the water
By Anonymous
the divine confetti umbrella with projected force makes these fights wayy too easy
By Anonymous
for the underwater one in the fountainhead palace you can take out the other spectral version to make it easier as it halves the projectile spam
By Anonymous
Shut up you had your finger in my ***!
By Anonymous
Let's be real, difficult or not, this mini boss is absolutely terrifying and therefore rightfully inflicts Terror buildup.
By Anonymous
only they and schichimen have any right to inflict terror
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