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By Anonymous
Not liking Terror does not made it a bad mechanic, in fact it makes perfect sense for it to be a thing while fighting apparition type enemies (I’d say the same thing about Frenzy in Bloodborne). The game shows you the type of enemy that will have that status effect buildup, and while you might die a couple times learning that, it’s a FromSoft game and you’re just gonna die learning some things. But the point is, you do have to learn. It also gives you all the tools to deal with this status effect. Yes, the tools are consumable or limited use and you might have to do some item management during a fight, but it’s a great way of making the player consider more during combat than just l1 or r1 spam. It makes the encounters feel unique and plays into their haunting aesthetic. Point being, it might catch you off guard on the first attempt of two, but otherwise if you succumb to Terror (or Frenzy for that matter), it’s on you.

That being said, these are come of the coolest mini bosses in the game even though I’ve gotten my *** kicked by them plenty of times. Especially in my first playthrough.
By Anonymous
I am mistaken or one of these guys just ripped my soul out and shoved it in his butt ?
By Anonymous
unfortunately, you are not mistaken
By Anonymous
I spent most of my playthrough super scared of these guys, had tried using the lotus umbrella etc but was still getting my *** kicked. Then I came back (fairly late game, vit 19, atk power 10) and tried just actually using divine confetti for the first time (was scared of dying and losing it before, but in late game you can just buy it from merchants and have plenty of money to do so). Absolutely shredded them, it was easy. Didn't even use the umbrella and tried using Malcontent once or twice for the novelty, but really didn't need it at that point (though malcontent is super helpful). The sword alone with divine confetti was doing serious damage. Just went on a tour to each one and first tried all of them. So just use the damn confetti, it helps a ton. That and the purple gourd you can buy in mibu village is super helpful (basically a refillable version of pacifying agent).

Note I'm referring to the land dwelling ones above, the underwater ones are actually quite easy. just dodge and swing, no confetti needed. Can use an Ako's candy on the surface before diving down if you want. For the fountainhead pair, there's actually a primary and a secondary/phantom one. The phantom one has far less HP, so just take him out first, making the remaining headless quite straightforward.
By Anonymous
for the underwater headless all you need is some healing incase you get hit, all you have to do is dash around him while spamming thrusts and he likely wouldnt even hit you once
By Anonymous
Restricted dodging? check. Instant Death Terror Buildup? check. Almost necessary farmed item to make doable? check. Slow abnormal attacks that two shot you? check. **** Reward? check. Grab attack that can't be jumped over or mikiri countered, that's literally up to lucky positioning?..... check. Well designed 10/10
By Anonymous
Gachiin's and Yashariku's Spiritfall are very good, especially if you don't like consumables. The other ones can also be useful for newer players.

Also, for their grab attack, they always spawn behind you. Simply pan your camera towards them and walk away.

They really aren't badly designed. It's just that they're stressful to fight. Which they're supposed to be. Still, Divine Confetti can be bought from all merchants after you've defeated the Corrupted Monk. And you can wait until you have more prosthetics to specifically counter them, of which there are three.
By Anonymous
They ARE badly designed. They're literally impossible to kill if you don't have malcontent upgrade. If you do have it, they're a cakewalk.
By Anonymous
Having to manage resources and use tools during a fight doesn't mean it's badly designed. What a lazy argument.
By Anonymous
This sounds like you're really bad at the game
By Anonymous
A boss that requires you to prepare and learn how to play against it? Crazy, who would've thought. And to the person saying they're impossible without malcontent...I'm not even sure what to tell you. You're just wrong.
By Anonymous
I’m gonna join the people saying this is a bad take
By Anonymous
I can style on every single enemy/boss in this game, but every single playthrough these ****ers manages to make me look like some punk *** ***** every single time.

**** you.
By Anonymous
Yeah people hate this guy because he does terror, he has an aoe slowing affect, and he likes to shove his fist up your anus, but my man has a badass sword so god damn cool.
By Anonymous
How do y'all handle the item juggling? The gourd, confetti, terror meds.
By Anonymous
I use confetti before I start the fight, then switch to gourd and stay there. When I want to use the terror meds I pause the game and use it from the inventory tab
By Anonymous
I'm just built different
By Anonymous
I equip what I need and then use the directional pad during the fight. I usually try to create a bit of space when I need to change items/apply a new one, and I do that by jumping away since my walk speed is slowed. Also, it helps to apply divine confetti, I go sugar, and purple notes gourd right before initiating the fight.
By Anonymous
Divine Confetti + Malcontent = GG
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