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By Anonymous
Still can't believe FromSoft give us access to this boss so early in the game. I somehow missed the right part and go straight to this mf and found a shortcut back to idol. My big brain after a few hours in the game and with the ego of a Soul-game veteran thought that was the right part. Of cause got **** up and had to go beating Lady butterfly. Beat her and also got 3 confetti. Went back, beat him with 1hp left then realized he's optional on wiki. **** me.
By Anonymous
i was playing with randomizer and decided to replace every single enemy in the game with the headless.
that was extremely terrifying.
By Anonymous
Some advice for anyone having trouble with these, mottled purple gourd, divine confetti, yashariku's (sugar/spiritfall), then run in, use Malcontent, then just start swinging, you'll probably either break their posture or health before they even attack, death blow, use Malcontent again, repeat.
Used this strategy in the late game with 13 attack power on basically every non-water headless and it turned them into an absolute joke.
By Anonymous
The Ako candy can help speed the fight as well
By Anonymous
I was violated :(
By Anonymous
So no head?
By Anonymous
no head
By Anonymous
Stop posting ******* about "Git Gud", or "go play something else" you scumbag "fans."

Some people will never be able to do what you can do, and they aren't "selfish", or "entitled" for wanting to be able to beat a video game they bought in the privacy of their own homes.

Who the f-uck is selfish here? The disabled fans who just want to experience the game in a way that is actually fun, or the elitist b@stards who are smugly satisfied with their own accomplishments and lying to themselves and everyone else about not only the game, but life itself?

NOT EVERYONE'S BRAINS, AND BODIES ARE MADE THE SAME YOU LYING "GIT GUD" SCUM. Your experience playing Sekiro isn't going to be identical to every other humans on the planet! How ignorant do you have to be to assume that?! Easy modes, or mods to make the game easier if necessary literally doesn't affect you in any way since Sekiro has 0 pvp whatsoever anyway! How DARE you tell disabled gamers who wanna play to
**** off, and "play another game" as if nothing could be done?! As if nothing SHOULD be done?! If you want the game to be harder for you then make it harder for yourself. Don't demand the world play the way you do!
By Anonymous
Someone died too many times and refuses to do anything but blame other people
By Anonymous
This bait is dank
By Anonymous
just use malcontent bro, really not that hard
By Anonymous
The whole point of sekiro and dark souls is that they're supposed to be difficult games, adding an easy mode defeats that purpose, also these debates are useless, since they won't add an easy mode anyway.
By Anonymous
Sir, this is a Wendy’s.
By Anonymous
these guys are optional
By Anonymous
Git Gud
By Anonymous
What poorly designed copy and paste mini bosses. I wish we got to fight the warriors themselves instead of their **** spirits.
By Anonymous
Agreed, the headless seem rather poorly designed.
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