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By Anonymous
*Teleports behind you* "Nothing personal, kid." "NANI?"
By Anonymous
Are we gonna talk about the fact that this enemy rips an orb out of your rear? No? Okay...
By Anonymous
"I am already dead."
By Anonymous
According to Japanese folklore, the human soul exists as a small hardened magical ball within the anus known as 'shirikodama' (尻子玉 - literally 'small anus ball'). Tales tell of lake-dwelling monsters known as 'kappa' who try to kill you by 'extracting' your shirikodama if you dare venture into their lake.
By Anonymous
This boss is easy to get to within 30 minutes of playing but probably not meant to be fought this early, you do next to no damage unless you can parry 50 time in a row, and losing sight for too long resets their bar so maybe leave this for late.
By Anonymous
U fight him in slow motion, u deal almost 0 damage to him, he almost os u, teleports and has poison sword, just a typical fromsoft boss
By Anonymous
Umm... he has a terror-sword? It sounds like you've never played a Fromsoft game before. Disclaimer: HARD TROLLING
By Anonymous
typo. should say note
By Anonymous
Do you mean there's a typo on the wiki page itself? It's a wiki. You can just correct typos yourself by clicking the Edit link at the top of the page.
By Anonymous
Not sure if this is a glitch or not, but went to go fight him and was rushing him down with confetti, when he started fading out. I kept hitting him and managed to stagger him during his fade-out animation (I could tell because the mist had a shockwave go through it) However he didn't re-appear, He was just invisible now with only his purple effect showing up on his sword as it swung. Took my last confetti fighting him too :(
By Anonymous
Happened to me when I was fighting it as well. Definitely a glitch.
By Anonymous
this guy literally pulls your butthole out lmao
By Anonymous
There's a third headless underwater near the upper tower antechamber idol. It gives ungo's spiritfall
By Anonymous
Got anally fisted by this guy and it looked like he took my skull and then shoved it up his own ***. I've never felt so violated by a videogame before.
By Anonymous
the first time i got struck by that attack i was like, "D-did he just molest Wolf?!"
By Anonymous
the final headless (Yashikiru) has a phantom that will spam attacks at you as well, stay on the move and exploit the awesome underwater "dash" attack and focus on the actual headless, the phantom will dissappear when you kill it.
By Anonymous
Summoning Another Phantom...
By Anonymous
Actually....the phantom goes down super quick if you're relentless, even if you're not...it doesnt take nearly as much. Then you can use the fish skeleton to block charged attacks if you're not good at partying his swings. Use purple gourd ofc.
By Anonymous
I think that phantom maybe his stillbirth twin as mentioned when you kill him, but why did he become headless too? Haha
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