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Can someone investigate these: 1.) Do you still take posture damage upon a successful deflection? If so, is it less posture damage than you take upon a normal block or is it the same? 2.) What determines when posture starts recovering (other than the health bar)? Will an enemy attack reset this timer or is each block of posture damage on an independent timer? 3.) If you get posture broken, what is the fastest way to recover from the ground? Jumping or dodging?
i know this is late but yes you still get posture damage after a deflect and its a half of the damage you take from blocking , each move you do will stop your posture from recovering ( evade , sprint , attack , blocking , deflecting ) you can do a block stance to regen your posture faster than normal regen , the fastest way to recover is dodging you can only jump once you recovered from posture broke while your posture is broken you can time your evade to dodge the next attack.
after killing bosses, you get damage upgrades, do they increase the dmg you deal to posture?
Nope. That just upgraded attack power which maxes at 99 if you’re using the dragon mask.
Yes, both vitality and posture damage is increased by increasing attack power.
When your posture is broken the enemy's next hit will deal extra damage when in the staggered state. If someone could confirm that would be appreciated, only noticed on one boss and I have not looked for that before.
Does anyone know how many prayer necklaces in the game?
40 of them. Says so atleast on the prayer bead site.


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10 Necklaces - 40 beads
*Spoiler* The only way to acquire all 40 beads is through the Purification Ending. You can only get 38 beads max if you plan on getting the other 3 endings, the remaining beads are located in Hirata Estate (revisited).
It's pretty outrageous that your posture fills up when you deflect... you should be rewarded for perfect execution against a*****storm. It's artificial difficulty again. At least this wiki is the only place that acknowledges that deflecting still fills bar.
Nothing outrageous there. It's how it is so you still have to mind your posture even while deflecting.
I know... talkin about arrificial difficulty, i hate this thing, i would like to play a game with out hours and hours of try and die ... i think ill quit soon and ill wait a patch that fix this*****
I've never actually had my posture bar break while deflecting. It does decrease, yeah. You're always able to back off and hold block or keep moving if you need to get it back. From experience though, the bar does fill up less with deflects than blocks but it doesn't actually seem to break
It's not broken, you just don't like how this system is designed. All your actions come with a cost and risk, and you don't have any truly "safe" tactics. You ride the razor's edge, where mistakes are heavily punished. To want risk-less options is to pine for the Souls-style games. However, its plethora of combat choices allowed people to find ways to exploit many encounters, even though that’s part of their attraction. To truly make a challenging game, FROM needed to specify combat and narrow down your options, similarly to the way Capcom designs Devil May Cry or Team Ninja designs Ninja Gaiden. They crafted the fights to be experienced specifically this way.
Its not artificial difficulty, its a mechanic that makes perfect sense. It would be much sillier if you could just deflect the huge attacks of an ogre all day every day without any consequence. Also, in my experience, the poise damage you take from deflection rarely matters. If you're good enough to deflect all of an enemy's attacks, you will deplete their poise long before they deplete yours. Its only against certain hard-hitting dudes that it matters, but these guys are always the sluggish types that give you enough breathing room to recover your poise.
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It seems to me, in my experience (haven't formally tested it), that while performing a successful deflect does add to your posture meter, your posture will never break from deflecting; you have to be hit directly or mistime your deflect for it to break once it is full.


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i've actually seen quite a few ppl say this.
posture is the new stamina
Not at all, since you can attack as long as you want. This is a great new feature.
does anyone know if the breath of nature: light and shadow latent skills can stack?
Yes they stack, similarly to the light and shadow skills that recover vitality in deathblow. The difference is light is learned eith skill points and shadow as a reward.