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Hey, I just purchased the game yesterday and was hoping I could get some of my questions answered.
- I have completed Dark Souls remasterd so I have some experience in the dark souls series.

- I play on Xbox one X

1) what kind of build would be best for a newbie? (I’m thinking strength or dex)

2) is there a specific covenant that offers more than others?

3) is getting the DLCs worth the items they yield?

4) any other basic tips I should know about such as dealing with gankers.


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1. In my experience with previous games, melee tends to be harder than casting. If you are a junkie for pain (like me) you could go full melee and learn how to properly dodge. Also, check the weapons and decide your build based on what you want to wear. I gave several points to STR to wield an ultra great swor, several points to stamina in order to dodge/block/attack without leaving myself open due to exhaustion and several points to load capacity because my shield and my sword are heavy. So, basically, you build your build according to your weapons. If you go full melee *for the love of God, grab havel's ring* if you pick the other item you won't be able to get the ring unless NG+ (I did that mistake)

2. I feel you can play the game covenantless and still do pretty solid. I think some items are more a nod to previous iterations of the game (like Artorias' shield. Looks great but there are several options on the wild that you could use)

3. Have yet to reach that point but I think the DLC is mainly aimed at complete the plot... Tho I might be mistaken.

4. Gankers... Have experienced only one invasion. You could unplug your computer from the net and play offline, or you can go hollow and won't t be invaded. You have less health as a hollow, but that forces you to improve your skills since you will die faster :)

The game is hard, but is not that cruel. My build is not the most efficient and yet I do OK. (I live, I die, I live again) Some mobs are now trivial while others are still a challenge. I do not wield any magic and my build is slow.. But it's fun and that's what really matters!

Have fun and never give up.


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I see you didn't get many replies, and the post is a little old now. But in case anyone else wanders in with these questions:

My recommendation is to start as a Cleric. Healing and other quality of life miracles can make this game a lot less frustrating. Get enough Faith to use the early miracles, then raise health, strength, endurance. Pick up the shield in a chest near the end of the first area (100% damage reduction).

Take enough dex to use the Longbow you find at the beginning of the game. Picking off cheesy enemies who ambush you also eases the frustration.

Use weapons you like in the early going (Claymore is nice), but your mid-game goal is to find or buy the Lothric Knight Greatsword, and then infuse it with the Blessed gem you find in the Cathedral. It has a two-handed charged strong attack that can neutralize even huge armored enemies with a knockdown. By this point you'll also have some offensive miracles, and since faith also boosts fire damage, pyro is an option. What you'll have is a melee focused paladin that can also use killer spells.

Oh, and make sure to find an NPC that sells a miracle called Vow of Silence. Trust me, you'll want to have this in your bag of tricks when you meet a certain boss later on.
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Oooh the bow, I forgot about that.
Back_lot_basher is right. Pulling enemies (whenever possible) is ultra usefull.

Also, there are some minibusses that can be killed with the bow and 50 arrows without receiving damage. Cheap? Yes, but it saves you the frustration of dying 10 times in a row haha


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As advice for new players i would share this:

* i would reccomend the knight as a starting class, high HP and a good shield makes the first boss very managable, and on top of that the knight is also a very eficient class to transfer into any other class because of low luck. luck isnt a usefull stat on 99% of the possible builds.

* If you wanna play a sorcerer, explore throughly, because one of the key-npc's to get sorceries early on is irreversibally missable. (or look him up on the wiki if you dont mind spoilers).

* if you wanna play miracles, it might also help to know that you can 'ruin your chances' with the relevent NPC. i dont wanna spoil anything here, but if you are going to play miracles you might want to look up this NPC on the wiki.

* there is no levelcap, but for PVP and COOP it helps if you stop leveling around 120-130 because of how matchmaking works. going beyond that will hurt your chances for matchmaking. (password matchmaking with friends doesnt suffer this problem, since you will get scaled down to the level of the host).

general advices on stats

* Vigor gives HP, you dont need to prioritize this stat, simply put a few points in when you feel like you are to squishy. 27 is the first soft cap and likeley enough for most PVE content, for endgame PVP you might want more.

* Attunement gives FP (magic points) and magic-attunement slots. most melee builds dont need much, but for a few utility spells having 14 or 18 (2 or 3 slots) is usually fine. Casters usually don't go above 30 (5 slots) - 33 (for the extra masgic points).

* Endurance gives stamina, simply put points in when you feel like you run out of stamina to quick. Generally melee needs more than caster, especially when relying on blocking (rather than rolling). beyonf 40 you wont get much more stamina, but usually you dont even need that much.

* Vitality gives extra equipment load, but also gives a lot of defense per point. most builds would take just enough to stay below 70% equipped:load since between 30 and 70% you will be a able to roll (medium). above 70% rolling becomes horrible, below 30% you will become really fast (realistically only obtainable in light armor). Taking extra vitality for the defense can be worth it if you are making a heavy armor - tanky build. Above 40 the defense you get will drop sharply though (Equipment load gained has no softcaps)

* Strength increases damage with weapons that have (good) strength scaling, also increases defense by a lot more than other stats (but not as much as vitality). Damage stats (STR, DEX, INT, FTH) are important stats at the start of the game. depending on what you are planning to do you probably wanna increase 1 or 2 of these stats early on. Strength generally works best on slow, heavy weapons. and if you are wielding a weapon in 2 hands, your strength will be multiplied by 1.5 (example; a weapon requires 15 strength? at 10 strength you can already use it as long as it is 2-handed). this 2 handing bonus is unique to strength. softcaps are at 40 and 60 (when one handing wepaons), in hybrid builds (like a dexterity-strength build) 40 is usually enough, 60 is generally what people go for in pure strength builds.

* Dexterity increases damage with faster, lighter weapons it has the same softcaps as strength. Bows, crossbows usually also scale well with DEX. a very polpular build (called 'quality build') gets equal amounts of strength and dex (40/40) which lets you play with the majority of the weapons in the game. Other then weapon damage gives a reduction to falling damage but this is generally no reason to spend points in dex. it also increases cast speed for casters which caps out at 40, which is usually to much an investment for pure caster-builds. Good to know: a ring exists that gives castspeed increase, with this ring casting speed caps out at 20DEX which might be worth considering.

* Intellect increases damage with sorceries and weapons that scale with INT. Pyromancies and dark spells scale with INT as well, but also need FTH to do well. 60 is the cap for pure builds, 40 is the cap for hybrids and pyromancers, 45 is the cap for dark-damage. at 50 INT you can use all spells in the game.
for other builds it might be worht taking a few point to have acces to some utility spells (10 for magic shield, 15 for hidden body and rapport (pyromancy)), do keep in mind that you will need attunement as well.

* Faith increases miracles and wepaons that scale with FTH. it shares the same (soft)caps with intellect. taking some point for utility might be worth it on other builds (15 for tears of denial, which is a very good spell). at 45 faith you can use all miracles.

* luck increases 'item find', which increases the drop chance for all items when killing enemies. this is generally not worth the investment. luck also increases status build up (bleed, posion) and can be worth taking if this is what you are going for, but these builds are usually a bit more complicated since other factors (like hollowing, weapon choice, infusion, bufftype) play large roles in how effective these builds play. I would advice against it unless you know what you are doing.

Other beginner tips:

Take your time on your first playtrough, explore well. this will be a huge help in succesive playtroughs. knowing were items, npc's and spells are found allows for much faster class-building. Also, a large portion of the game is optional and hidden very well. huge areas with multiple bosses are completely missable by failing to find something as trivial as an illusionary wall.

Last tip;
Get the DLC as well. Ashes of ariandel is a bit short but has a really good bossfight and some very cool weapons. Ringed city is extremly hard, much harder than the basegame, but its also very good. good bosses, awesome levels and more great wepaons and armors. Also ringed city gives acces to some of the best rings you can get in DS3.