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The only use I could think of raw is if you want more base dmg before anor londo or at low lvl pvp and even then a 10+ isn’t far behind
No***** dude
Still don't really get what this is for. I guess it's only good if you can't get to +10 weapons yet.
But upgrading a weapon to 10+ also requires the Large Ember, so what's even the difference other than one can be further upgraded with a Very Large Ember and the other one can't?
for people who went magic build or put all their point early game into health and endurance I guess
Or low soul level/PvP same as fire, lightning and chaos
It raises the base damage and gets rid of scaling. It’s for low level or high Vit/End builds that don’t use the scaling damage stats
It's to get more damage out of a weapon without relying on the stat scaling (strength/dex/faith/intelligence/ etc.)