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I was going to suggest that it'd be good for using buffs on the Balder Side Sword or something similar, but it looks like the sorcerer or wanderer would be better for that too.
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Level up Att once and you can use Power Within. Efficiency problem solved.
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I love how the wiki just absolutely shiits on the hunter.
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They did the same with the Theif and Deprived
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whoever wrote the wiki is a really salty smug boi
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To be fair I've never taken hunter and with good reason, it's an inoptimal class.
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whoever wrote this wiki page is very, very salty
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This page is pathetic and unprofessional
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This class is tied for cheapest class to level up to equip the BKH. However as it has a bow, I pick this class for my BKH runs, as the free bow allows me to easily cheese the left side of the Bed of Chaos without needing to buy a bow.

Both the Warrior class, and the Hunter class, cost 15,657 souls to equip the BKH. This is the lowest amount of souls required to equip the BKH, out of all the available classes.

So the class isn't completely useless. A free bow and arrows makes it naturally easier to complete the BoC without needing to purchase anything, and it's still tied for first place in terms of BKH affordability.
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I wanted to make a spear build with a lot of dexterity and some strength, should i start with this or with wanderer?
By pelida77
It doesn't matter. You can start with whatever you want it won't make any difference by late game... Now if you are planning to PVP and you want to just focus on Melee you should choose a bandit
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By Wolf_Pwnz_Noobs
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I've been cleaning up some of these pages. It seems some have a lot of highly opinionated, rather unprofessional and unhealthy opinions in the FAQs.
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Thanks, the previous descriptions were a joke because they were ripping on the starting class for being worse but on the knight class page it was just nicely stating that other classes are better for min maxing. The knight being the main theme character for the game makes it pretty obvious that the previous writer didn’t want to talk sh*t on it but did so for this page.
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hoonter class