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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

I find it dumb that no enemies drop this weapon, it would be nice if the mosquitos of Blightown did, in any case. Its a better choice farming the little mushrooms
I said weapon, I mean resin
You can buy an unlimited amount from the moss merchant in the passage between the Depths and Firelink Shrine.
This resin sucks. It’s twice the cost of charcoal pine resin and it’s poison will barely tickle people in PvP let alone bosses in PvE. It doesn’t even have a cool looking effect like the other resins. Better than no weapon buff but the worst of them by far.
poison makes people panic and allows you to damage them low risk
Put it on something like a large club. If you backstab them with that it should poison them, and most people don't have moss on their hotbar.
Bandit's Knife. Bleed and poison through shields. Combine with full Havel's for some fireworks.
While it doesn't put out a whole lot of damage, I use this to put extra stress on invaders with Ricard's Rapier by basically injecting them with poison and then switching off and on to another, stronger weapon buff
I am fond of using this with the Large Club. It nearly guarantees that it will be effective, due to it having its own poison effect. That means you need far fewer attacks in order to get it applied, and even blocked attacks will apply it some.