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what is ancient leshen known as?
It’s known as ancient Leshen
Holy***** are you *****ing kidding me. This fight is *****ing bull*****BULL*****Never in my 30 years of playing video games have I experienced such a massive ***** you to the player. This thing is literally unbeatable. Its attacks are super *****ing fast, impossible to dodge and stunlock you to death effortlessly. It can kill you in two *****ing hits and can jump out of the way of any attack with ease, and even if you do somehow manage to hit it GOOD LUCK because it has *****ing 200 million HP. Let's not forget the 5-10 constant enemy add-ons that **** you from all sides and through all orifices while you try to fight it. And if that garbage wasn't enough, it randomly shifts into rage mode which makes everything *****ing 2 times worse AND gains both a ramming attack that hits you even if you're behind it because *****ed up hitboxes somehow equal good game design, and an extra buttslam move with a shockwave that covers half the *****ing field. ***** this game and ***** the ******* who somehow convinced me it was worth anything at all.
As we say in the gaming world : Git Gud or Die Tryin'
U got him after my third try using the hammer once you learn its moves it really isnt that hard you can see about his movements what hè will do and move away before hè hits you
Oh and i forgot to tell his armor is really worth it now that i have it i am going for behemoth wish me luck
lol welcome to monster hunter, a textbook example of artificial difficulty
MHW is not that hard. Not even Behemoth or AT Nergigante after some time. But Far Cry 1 Patch 1.4 Realistic Mode on Krieger's fight in Volcano Level is WAY HARDER than this.
30 years of gaming and you still need to git gud
Damn you're 30+ years old? You sure don't act like it. Why are old people so cranky when it comes to games.
Ok boomer.
just git gud.
Why worry? Reward is cheeseball Gerald skin and she-Gerald. F off CDPR, Geralt needs to stick to his dumb universe.
That's the expression of someone who died??? Times
That amount of swearing makes you sound like an immature kid than a 30-something old person, like seriously.
blink to me back and give me lovely hug
>I-It's not hard/ >I-It's artificial hard.../ kys
I haven't been able to beat it yet but the music keeps me fighting it lol
failed the puki side quest, carted once, but managed to kill him on the first try, solo as Geralt. Maybe it helps to play a bit of dark souls 3 so you get more experience with humanoid targets, but you can roll/sprint away from all his ranged attacks, wait for igni to recharge, then blast him and his three *****ing lizards back to hell, and get in a good chunk of damage. Stick to his butt and koncho him a new hole, then run away like a casul scrub, wait for igni and repeat.
I use the hammer and u managed to beat him and get the puki side quest you shield use lifepowders to keep him alive and try to stay away from him so the leshen only ames for you I honestly just used the hammer spinning move for the jagras and used my rune on the leshen to get some free heavy hits
Dangit sorry for my autocorrection
I'm calling it: The mini Bed of Chaos
literally the mini Bed of Chaos
Bed of Chaos may be one of the worst bosses in Souls. But please don't compare them to this guy...that's an insult to Bed of Chaos.
Come back to fight ancient leshen with master rank gear READY FOR ROUND 2 B*TCH!?
Yeah that's cool and all but I got knocked the **** back by the passive crows with my gunlance