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How do i replay this quest?!
It's an event quest
This monster is way easier if just 1 person know when to flash. Flash trivialize this monster way too much. It should have immunity after 2 flashes like Extremoth. Root prison? Flash! Jargas? Flash! Raven Nova? Who would have guessed! Flash!
Shut the hell up with this stupid *** suggestion holy hell. Glad you're not part of the development team.
@Anon 26 Feb Don't ya just love it when people come specifically to ***** about something and refuse to give any reason as to why it's a "Stupid *** suggestion". Crawling back into your cave will do a hell of a lot of favors for everyone else.
If you or your random teammates die all the time, mayby it's a good thing to consider a Healer position with the appropriate build. With SnS (Empress edge "Blaze" for example, the skill Guts can be important), with Wide range 5, Speed eating 3, Divine blessing 3, Health boost 3 (of course !), Guard 3 minimum with Guard up (to block the root prison), maybe Evade extender 3 and/or Recovery up to stay safe at the maximum. No need to be as DPS as your teammates, a Healer stay safe while looking at health bar, flashing the beast and buffing his friends. It's also important to me to bring a lot of Sushifish/Great sushifish as possible. From my experience, it's the only way to keep the common unpreprepared teammates alive.
Is it coming back? I really want to know can some one tell me
Is the ancient leshen coming back im the same guy ho sed is it coming back?I really want to know can some one tell me
R.I.P Hunters without Xbox Gold or PsPlus :)
Just use wyvern egnition lol
Please keep this in permanently so I can have a reason to log on before next expansion.
Should the in-game weakness information pic be edited to show the Ancient Leshen's page rather than the vanilla Leshen?



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Done. You're welcome.
Someone add Ibuprofen to the things you'll need for this fight.