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This was both a lot easier and a lot more boring than the greatest Jagras, if you recruit a Gajalaka and a Gastodon, Lavasioth will be too busy going for them and your Palico and leave you a lot of opportunities to attack (if you can destroy its hardened magma, that is).
Greatest jagras is extremely easy. Avg 2 mins per run.
if you're having trouble with his armour simply fire a flame pod on the ground near him, it will make a little flame that softens him up again
does the beetle ticket has drop chance? bcs i didnt get any
The Greatest Jagras > lavasioth, drop more Feystone, more fast. this lavasioth is a pice of shi*.
Wrong !
this mission will generally drop 3 red decorations, Greatest Jagras will drop 0~3, sometimes 4 but VERY rarely. plus Greatest Jagras will ohko you though any armor if you weren't block, Lava doesnt do that.
is the name a harry potter reference?
for that one time that a fish covered in magma appeared out of harry's hat while he was distracting voldemort so that dumbledore could stab his and with his elder wand
In comparison to the greatest Jagras this guy was a breeze only for that his scream doesn't stagger you
Such a *****ing waste of time! ***** this thing and ***** Capcom for creating it! The amount of one-shot attacks this thing has is stupid beyond words. There is challenging and there is BROKEN...guess which one this is? I didn't think it was possible to hate anything more than the Great Jagras, but here we are. I can already sense the responses, but I don't care, I am LIVID!
someone doesnt know what health boost is
git gud
:/ I’ve never once died to this or the greatest jagaras. Are you using the right equipment? Also do you know how to dodge
Boi it not even hard u just bad
This Event Quest like The Greatest Jagras gives a guaranteed Large Gold Crown. Not sure why that hasn't been added since the quest was introduced.
When is this event will come again?