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By Anonymous
Why is this shield so damn sexy?
By Anonymous
Free good shield, love it!
By Anonymous
Is it just me or do some attacks bounce off this shield doing no damage? I Noticed this mostly in undead burg.
By Anonymous
Thats just how shields work, since the enemies do so little damage in undead burg, with the shield they only deal %10 of the damage, so barely noticeable.
By Anonymous
Yup. If you looked at the stats it has a glorious 93% physical dmg reduction, but for some stupid *** reason they nerfed it to hell in DS3. In DS3 it only has 57% phys dmg reduction. Wtf was Miyazaki thinking?
By Anonymous
This is the same shield as the one wielded by hollow soldiers in ds3
By Anonymous
Yup, but sadly they nerfed it all to hell in DS3. In DS1 it has 93 physical dmg block but in DS3 it only has 57% physical dmg block...what in the flying **** was Fromsoft thinking? They ruined a shield that was light and had really decent physical protection.
By Anonymous
Perfect shield for starters without master key.
By Anonymous
A really amazing lightweight shield for people who don't want/need the Grass Crest Shield or the Heater Shield. 93% physical damage reduction is good enough for most encounters in the game (early game, mid game and even some situations in the late game). You know what sucks? They nerfed the hell out of this shield in Dark Souls 3! It only has 57% physical damage reduction in DS3, making it basically useless for blocking. Why would Fromsoft/Miyazaki do that?
By AstralProdigy
Really underestimated in my opinion.

Light as a small shield.
Parries like a small shield.
Mitigates like a normal shield.
Stable like a normal shield.
Looks good with that silver dragon.

The only reason you wont pick this over a 100% block shield or a Grass Crest is cuz you are either a turtling coward, a stamina-thirsty beta, or are just parry garbage.
By Anonymous
It has great lightning def
By Anonymous
This thing looks great