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One of the best spells in the game. Really makes me wish that each pyromancy had a chaotic form aka Chaotic Combustion
Or Chaotic Black Flame
Chaos fire whip is probably the closest you’ll ever get to chaos combustion
I used it to defeat Lud and Zallen, the King's Pets.
This is ds1 not 2 but still nice those guys are hard to beat
I wish you could obtain multiple copies of this pyromancy with subsequent playthroughs...
I play DS1 on ps3 and it won't let me attune it into one of my slots. Any ideas?
This along with a few other spells (sunlight miracles, pusuers sorcery) take up 2 attunement slots not one, you need another slot or to get rid of a spell to make room
Welp... gonna need 4+ attunement slots.
Fireball: Hot cheeto dust edition
Nah bro, its the inside of a hot pocket lol.
If using this in PVP for close combat, 1) consider using black flame lol, 2) I found it best to un-target so that it hits the ground in front of you and then walk into it. The other player will most likely think you still are targeting them and move out of the way but instead end up walking right into it. It's perfect for finishing off the last bit of HP they might have.
This litteraly saved my *** today...
I am on my first playthrough.. and in sen's fortress.. first time.. pass all the traps, emerged on that roof where giants hurl bombs or something at you... and lo and behold i am invaded and things start exploding, at first i thought that the player is using some pyromancy or something ( only later i realized that the giants do that ).
So..didnt find the bonfire..yet.. full of souls, full of humanity.. and worst of all i would need to get past all those traps once again...
I run back and hide where the snake guy is sniping you when you are going past last of swinging blades on that narrow walkway before the roof...
I spent 4 level points on attunment to try out pyromancy, although i am play melee, first two for fireball.. then when i got this from chaos covenant i decided to try it out and spend 2 more points.. 4 points best spent ..ever...
Anyway.. player finally finds me ( he probably thought i would be at bonfire, but i didnt even find bonfire yet )...and charges at me swinging big *** sword.. i am thinking.. "thats it.. im done.. all that trek from blacksmith again.."... here goes nothing..switch to that chaos fireball and smack it right into his face.. ( it worked against hydra in ash i reckon maybe it will help here.. ).. he was pushed back, i think he even fell because i saw his name and health bar going down somewhere... i did not kill him because it didtn said that i banished invader but he returnet to his world few seconds afterwards...
This is the best "use in case of emergency" thing in this game i encountered so far... o:O ... i think im going to go donate all my humanity to white spitder lady.. she deserved it :D