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By Anonymous
What's funny is that the description says it only deals thrust attacks, but it's actually the only straight sword with no thrust attack whatsoever (moveset is entirely horizontal and vertical slashes). Sure, maybe the damage is counted against thrust defense (although I doubt that too now) but still pretty amusing. Oh and yeah, the weight is 3.0, not 1.0
By Anonymous
It shares a moveset with the broadsword, so maybe not the only ss without a poke
By Anonymous
That'd be so cool if you more knowledgeable players could contribute to the pages' upfront contents. Almost finished my first play through
By Anonymous
Maybe the "logic" is that the titular barbs do thrust damage regardless of how the blade itself makes contact with the target.

OR the item description is simply wrong. An inaccurate item description in Dark Souls?! Shocker, I know.
By Anonymous
Awesome looking sword
By Anonymous
has bad str scaling compared to other stuff but relatively good chaos damage. Chaos bleed longword anybody?
By Anonymous
How many of these can you get in one playthrough? Does Kirk have a chance to drop this in each of his encounters, or will he only drop one across all three? I assume the drop mechanics of the sword also apply to the shield, but someone please correct me if not.
By Anonymous
I'm pretty sure you can only get one per playthrough. So if he drops it once he wont drop it later one
By Aegis_Relic
Each of Kirk's three invasions, he has a chance of dropping either his sword or his shield, exclusive per run. If he drops both on his first invasion in the Depths, he will not drop additional copies.
By Anonymous
I got mine cause I killed an invader lol, I'm fairly low level too so it's nice to have
By Anonymous
its fine to be a casul sometimes...
By Anonymous
blessed ignorance ...
By Anonymous
Has anyone tried this weapon enchanted and can tell me how they liked it.. if they did?
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By Scoopslayer
If you want an intelligence straight sword, use this. The high magic dmg will always be a given on these so even if you don’t inflict bleed it’ll kick ***
By Anonymous
finally, a straight sword that's safe to shove up my ***
By Anonymous
Does it really only do thrust damage? If so, wouldn't it get a massive benefit from the leo ring?
By Erick_of_Astora
Rating weapons based on looks:
Quite original design yet not very good looking