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 Is it cheating
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I have a moral dilemma that I am interested in this forums opinion.

While trying to kill Nameless king I had many failed attempts mainly because I had to go each time through phase 1 to get to phase 2 only to be killed in few hits. So i figured out, why not get some DS trainer program and give myself infinite HP. I did exactly that and spent 1 hour only dodging his attacks. After this I uninstalled the trainer and killed him in the first try.

Now is this cheating ?

My opinion is that its not cheating but it is a bit lame. But why lose time and get frustrated when you can enjoy it. After all we are playing for fun.


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I think it is cheating, but who cares :)
I have no moral issues if people cheat unless it is in an online and/or competative environment.
Cheating a single player game is your choice, and if you enjoyed it (or in your case; the result of it), and no other people were hurt by your cheating, then who am i to say that you shouldn't have done it, or that it is immoral.
Meh no one will know I guess. I found using the co-op stone and helping others fight NK is excellent practice.


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Meh no one will notice I guess. Its a clever way to practice. Using the co-op stone and helping others fight NK is how I practiced. He gets more health so you have to dodge for a longer time. After a while you forget he is suppose to be hard.



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Yes. You definitely cheated.


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Well, everything in this game is cheat on you LOL. But, the wrost cheating is Hack Invader
You will encounted a unexpected including Stealth (unlockable target), 1 hit kill with curse effect, God mode, Warping and ruin your life
Have fun :D