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 Is it cheating
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I have a moral dilemma that I am interested in this forums opinion.

While trying to kill Nameless king I had many failed attempts mainly because I had to go each time through phase 1 to get to phase 2 only to be killed in few hits. So i figured out, why not get some DS trainer program and give myself infinite HP. I did exactly that and spent 1 hour only dodging his attacks. After this I uninstalled the trainer and killed him in the first try.

Now is this cheating ?

My opinion is that its not cheating but it is a bit lame. But why lose time and get frustrated when you can enjoy it. After all we are playing for fun.


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I think it is cheating, but who cares :)
I have no moral issues if people cheat unless it is in an online and/or competative environment.
Cheating a single player game is your choice, and if you enjoyed it (or in your case; the result of it), and no other people were hurt by your cheating, then who am i to say that you shouldn't have done it, or that it is immoral.
Meh no one will know I guess. I found using the co-op stone and helping others fight NK is excellent practice.


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Meh no one will notice I guess. Its a clever way to practice. Using the co-op stone and helping others fight NK is how I practiced. He gets more health so you have to dodge for a longer time. After a while you forget he is suppose to be hard.



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Yes. You definitely cheated.


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Well, everything in this game is cheat on you LOL. But, the wrost cheating is Hack Invader
You will encounted a unexpected including Stealth (unlockable target), 1 hit kill with curse effect, God mode, Warping and ruin your life
Have fun :D


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IDK if it's cheating... But is it really necessary? Even on NG+2, he can be taken down in 10 tries or less. Just keep him at mid range the entire fight. Not too close, not too far. Gives you more time to see what he's gonna do. Then you want to bait either his "Fly at you " thrust, his lightning storm, or a 3 hit combo. With correct dodging on those moves, he can be severely punished. But he will heavily punish YOU for being greedy. Aggressive playstyles DO NOT work on him... They just don't. You want to force him to fight your way, not try to adapt to his way. If you can control positioning, you control the pace. If you control the pace, you win. Hope that helps for the next time you fight him