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By Oxeye
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Which portion do you consider plagiarism? You can check the page's edit history to see who contributed and when.
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By Fexelea
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I doubt someone who can't even spell plagiarism correctly is bringing a genuine concern forward, however I did checks of the paragraphs written and I don't see any external exact matches (or close matches) coming up so I think this person is mistaken.
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Needs info on part breaking. What is the benefit of breaking parts? Once a part is broken does the monster's defence stats lower for that part?
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It will reduce the def, yes. but it will limit the attacks it preforms with the limb. it is a good strategy to focus on only one part to weaken a monster
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The parts are also valuable. Some are necessary for certain armors.
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How do you choose what weapon to use? There are so many different choices.
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Dude, test them all and see what you like best. Hunting horn/Doot stick gang rise up!
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It depends. If you go for mor of a heavy play style, then you would probability like the Great Sword or Hammer. If you like faster weapons, go for Dual Blades. If it’s a balance of speed, damage, and range, definitely go for Long Sword.
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Where do you go to practice learning your weapon?
By Anonymous
You can go to the training room, normally accessed from Your Room.
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You can also go airborne using a sword and shield combo if you would like to add that to the mounting section.
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how do speed runners topple monsters so many times? like is that even legit? i kinda find out that there is a damage threshold to certain weak points that can topple monsters and it can even be achieved by breaking parts like in case of Alatreon, Fatty or breaking Ice crown of Velkhana. the latter I understand but I don't get the idea of dealing more damage = more topples. seriously I tried different weapons from hammer, hbg to gs and I rarely get more than 4 topples(not counting wall bangs and monster riding) couple of which are due to part breaking. so I ask ya, are free topples legit? what's the mechanic behind them pls explain in detail.