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By Anonymous
Man wish they added drip other than the skins
By Anonymous
The amount of disappointed people here is funny, because everyone, EVERYONE consider this game a soulslike, but hear me out: this is not a souls game: you don't use posture to run or attack, you don't have stats and different equipments, you can't recover anything after death. This is an action game, not a soulslike, it's totally different and now that I'm finally playing it (almost finished, by the way, I'm just after the giant carp's underwater cave) I'm amazed at how much people always told me this is the best souls. It's not a souls game, stop considering everything a soulslike or a souls just because there's from software behind it (don't forget they also are being Armoured Core games). P.S: I originally came here because I've seen shadows of other players having different clothes/armours, but I'm on console, not PC, so how did they get them?
By Anonymous
That might be the gauntlets of strength rewards. Information on them is on this wiki
By Anonymous