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I have a problem, and I Didn't check it in DS III cuz I don't want to destroy my character because fighting with a dancer was a real nightmare. So:

My character has: 16 strength / 16 dexterity / 40 faith and blessed Lothric Knight Greatsword + 10.
I am using deep protection and SSS to buff AR.

But I have a little issue, what deals a higher DAMAGE:

- My character,

- 16 str / 40 dex / 15 faith with Sharp LKGS + 10 and with deep protection, SSS and Blessed Weapon

I have no idea, please help.


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if i input both in the mugenmonkey calculator (https://mugenmonkey.com/darksouls3) the weapon AR (w/o buffs) is:

Sharp with 16/40/15 - AR = 659
242+243 physical and 174 + 0 lightning

blessed with 16/16/40 - AR = 654
185+240 physical and 113 + 116 lightning

If i read correctly deep protection will buff all damage types by 5%: (so no faith scaling as far as i know, maybe someone can confirm?)

Sharp: 509 physical + 183 lightning = 692 AR
Blessed: 446 physical + 241 ligthning = 687 AR

Applying SSS (oath of sunlight) is supposed to give a flat bonus to weapon AR of 11.5% (once again, i hope someone can confirm, ii get this from the wiki's. i havent tested myself).

on top of Deep protection that would result in:

Sharp: 771.6 AR
Blessed: 766.0 AR

If this all checks out, then the differences aren't that great, and the choice is more or less how you want to deal damage (lots of lightning or mostly physical).

like i said before, i havent checked this. just what i read on the web.


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Sorry, just read about the blessed weapon buff, forgot to incorporate that.
Blessed weapon would add yet another 7.5% flat AR to a weapon (unaffected by faith).
It doesnt effect elemental damage either, so the sharp version would benefit a lot more, and therefor end up the strongest.

Also, i am not sure what you mean by 'destroying the character'.
Are you aware that you can respec 5 times at cathedral of the deep?
https://darksouls3.wiki.fextralife.com/ ... of+Rebirth
the fifth respec is final though! in NG+ you will get 5 additional respecs though.


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16/40/16, whould use sellsword twinblade and golden pine resin.
blessed weapon doesn't good as non-solid weapon or low AR weapon, It will be better for srt build
I suggest to use oath of sunlight (weapon art) with SSS on left hand than deep protection.