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Why does it say Tower of Knight, does it not just mean tower knight (Archstone)
Yes, when he's in the cell
Why is this guy attacking me while wanting to help by baiting the dragon ?
Same here. I thought he bugged for me or something. I never antigonized him in any way shape or form, then he shows up while I'm killed the Blue Dragon and just started shooting arrows at my face. Had to put him down before killing the dragon. Which was a shame since I was quite found of the old fool.
*while I was killing


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Where did all these new portraits come from? I can't find them anywhere else
I found the location for Biorr and even rescued Yuria with the key from the fat official in that area, but Biorr wasn't in his cell. Does anyone know what could have caused this?
can i still get the trophy if he killed by Penetrator ?
Why does Biorr start attacking me while I’m trying to kill the blue dragon?
Same here
There is a bug, where if you are in Pure Black World Tendency Biorr might become hostile to you.
***** stole my penetrator fight from me. shouldve read wikis and freed afterwards. why does he basically steal the penetrator fight and yet be completely useless against blue dragon? wack. also the only "npc summon" except you can't summon him, loser just walks in uninvited.
He actually baits the dragon's fire breath for you
You are the loser and you smell
He carried your sorry *** is what you wanted to say
I managed to kill the blue dragon before Biorr died! Now, does he go back to the Nexus so I can still kill him for the Mephistopheles quest, or can I kiss that Colorless Soul goodbye?
Can I still get that armor off his body if he’s killed by the dragon tho?