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By Anonymous
What upgrade path should I do, dragon or crushing
By Anonymous
Go with Crushing.
By Anonymous
The og bass cannon
By Anonymous
He's back
By Anonymous
wdm back it's 14yr old game
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Nope. Great sword. Learn to read.
By DTPandemonium
Unironically dragon infusion is actually good for minimum requirement 2 handed. Can use it over dragon bone smasher.
By Anonymous
Blessed Zwei on a faith build is very nice indeed.
By Anonymous
Dragon is the best for minimum requirements (18 strength to 2 hand)

Blessed is the best with high faith

Crushing is the best overall if you buff it with Curse Weapon (also no need to worry about split damage)
By Anonymous
Is it a great sword or a greatsword?
By Anonymous
Huge and thick sword, used by big black knights to own you.
By Anonymous
The enemies will fell in love with that sword if you upgrade it on the crushing path.