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By Anonymous
Infuse with Dragon and BECOME UNSTOPPABLE
By Anonymous
a.k.a Zweihander
By Anonymous
Aka the greatsword,basically the same as the great sword in dark souls. Theres no equivalent to the Zwi in this game
By Anonymous
Zweihander. This is the Zweihander.
By Anonymous
The German translation of the Great Sword in this game is "Bidenhander", which is some kind of medieval German and pretty much translates into "Zweihänder". So yeah this weapon is the good old Zweihänder
By Anonymous
It's definitely the Zwei aka The Pancake Maker. But in DeS, you need a better timing, while DkS is a little bit more forgiving. I guess, if there would be a DkS Remake, the Zwei would have to be played very alike. Anyways, love that weapon. A legend.
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By SlaveKnightKos
It is near the last dregling merchant spot
By Anonymous
There’s almost as many items as there are red eye knights in inner ward. Are you good bro?
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By Anonymous
The way areas are referred to in this wiki is misleading. When they say "Towe Knight Archstone" they actually mean the Inner Ward. Not sure why they do this.
By Anonymous
what rings u got bithc
By Anonymous
let me tell you something guys
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By Anonymous
Is it better than the bone smasher?
By Anonymous
Maybe if you wanna go down a magic scaling upgrade path, but it's otherwise pretty bad. All UGS have terrible movesets in this game and the greatsword doesn't have the raw damage of the DBS
By Anonymous
Blessed Great Sword is the best alternative to DBS if you like to turtle up and regen HP. It's also lighter than DBS, so you wear heavier armor or carry backup weapons and heavier shields. UGS are amazing in this game, both in PvE and PvP. Dunno what the other guy is talking about.
By Anonymous
this is a great alternative as it's only half the weight, can still dish out massive dmg, and is infusable. it's kind of up to preference, though i'd personally use dbs if you're on a str build
By Anonymous
Cursed weapon + greatsword = laughable game cycle playthru.
By Anonymous
The the Anonymous that said "all UGS have terrible movesets in demon's " speak for yourself... I for one always loved the great sword moveset. If you dont like it dont use it simple as bruv.

To answer the question above its moveset is identical to the dragon bone smashed at half its weight so yea it's well worth. It also has more variety with regards to upgrade. Though to me it feels natural to use vanilla +10 or crushing.... why else would you use a massive sword eh(maybe its just me)
By Anonymous
The legend didn't even die before it was born
By Anonymous
Miazaki used misleading names from the get-go. Huh. I'm just glad he went to greatsword and ultra greatsword
By Anonymous
people like you are infuriating
By Anonymous
Sounds obvious, but this sword is quite good as a Crushing weapon for about half the weight of Bone Smasher at 66 twohanded STR.
By DemonsSoulsMaster
66 str takes so long to obtain however and you’re better off leveling vitality and endurance for ng+ and above
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By ReiterSplash
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Still a good option if you'd rather your Colorless Demon Souls to go somewhere