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Does anyone know how to collect coins from dead enemies at the distance??
Hold square for ps4
hold E
Can I bind number buttons and mouse scroll?


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Yes, you can bind both.
can i use mouse and keyboard on ps4 ?
if the game has kb&mouse support (some of the games are supporting that such as gtaV) yes you can but in soul series and actually most of the games from fromsoftware answer is of course you cant hope this helps bud XD
I'm on PC and it shows everything for xbox controls how can I make it PC cause it'd be a lot easier
Haha IKR
I'm using keyboard and mouse... How do you you camera lock on targets?
with the wheel middle button (mouse)
keyboard and mouse where is dive i can't finish mission without diving in
buseo tecla ctrl
como puedo desviar rayos en pc cuales teclas debo usar
El combo es saltar, recibir el rayo y atacar (antes de caer al suelo), asi que supongo que es espacio, recibir el rayo, y click derecho
what is the resurrect control in PC?
Controls for PC is Crap. You cannot assign most of the keys to the keys you like ( I am left handed) Also I am using Keyboard but the game tutorial still shows me controller buttoms as help!!!! I quit this game, no matter how good it is And final word: I don't understand why it is so hard for Japanese game designers to understand they should make key bindings more easy. Had the same problem with Dark Souls as well and Resident Evil HD remaster