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Is there a sprint button?
Good question
Hold the dodge button to sprint. Classic From.
wish there was a sprint toggle option... my pinky hurts when fighting against bosses...
Hope there’s an option to switch the bumper and triggers.
In Epicnamebro's preview video he mentions you can swap the dodge & jump buttons if you wish.
Below are details on the default configuration for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. But where are the PC controlls?!?
From a gameplay vid I saw looks like you can double jump?? That would be cool
Only against the wall, not just in the air.
How do I equip items to quick items use? Streaming now twitch.tv/honestpair
Does anybody know the keybind for 'unallocate' on PC so that I can fix the keyboard and mouse controls?
It's 'E'
"R" to remove it completely, and "E" to change it
How can I unbind buttons completely for keyboard? the ''unallocate'' command doesnt work for Keyboard. I've tried E. Does it perhaps force you to have at least 1 binding?
Mouse over and press "R"
Hello I know this is basic but how do I dive under water
if your on pc, it's the same button that you use to activate your prosthetics,if you want to know anything else,look at what you'd press on xbox,see what the button symbol is on xbox,and then on the tutorials that seem to show triggers instead of keys for some reason, press what it's set to on xbox,but on pc if that makes any sense,idk i'm too tired for this.
You can only dive underwater once you get the mibu breathing technique, which you get after corrupted monk. Once you have that, just refer to the other comment.