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By Anonymous
Infused this with Dark and somehow it does even less damage than a Dark Battleaxe, even with Dark Weapon. Is it supposed to be like that?
By Anonymous
I have trouble understanding why people would use this in a build. It's found so late game that by the time you get to it you will have a maxed out weapon
By Anonymous
1. It looks cool, and is a very easy to use reaper.
2. Decent scaling for a mix build (STR/DEX/INT/FTH))
3. It's using a familiar moveset for casters (Hand Axe), and gives Dark Damage, so it can benefit Hex users
By Anonymous
It's ridiculous. I agree with the other comment. I was told by countless people online that the silverblack weapons were ideal for hexer builds or hybrids, now I dunno whether or not they got nerfed, but they are completely outclassed by other weapons. The dark halberd, or bandit axe, or winged spear, I could go on and on, totally out damages these weapons, and have better movesets. I've tried moving my stats around thinking maybe my build was off, but no, there are FAR better weapons to use on a dark hexer build. Unless you are doing like a grave warden CP build or something like that for cosmetic purposes only. If you are playing SotFS you can far unlimited dark stones very early, I highly recommend toying around with dark infusions on other weapons before investing your early game chunks into the spear and the sickle is a late game weapon. Darkdrift on the other hand.
By Anonymous
Thanks for the warning. That being said, using CP as an abbreviation for cosplay is... questionable, my dude :P
By Anonymous
It should be noted that the Silverblack weapons' main strength is providing a lot of dark damage at extremely minimal Strength/Dex investment, more meant for "pure" hex build. The Sickle also has shield pierce while the Spear has the incredibly good Partizan moveset, making them much more versatile while doing comparable damage to a bog standard dark infused axe or spear. They're both absurdly good for PvP for this reason, but for PvE they're thoroughly mediocre.
By Anonymous
Fish Hook
By Anonymous
A cooler looking hand axe with higher requirements. I much prefer the spear for dark builds.